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Spartan: 12-year-old male chocolate Lab ~ 100 pounds neutered

Background: Spartan was with a family since he was two years of age but unfortunately the family had to move to a new place and the landlord would not allow large dogs. When I spoke with the family this is what they had to say about him: He has been an old soul since we got him at 2 years of age. We got him off Facebook, a guy was giving him away. He had more spunk when he was not neutered but after we got him neutered, he seemed to not be that active. He used to be able to free feed and we had 6 small dogs and cats on the farm, so he had access to a lot of food. He has been on a diet before and lost weight; he has lost about 20 pounds over the last few months. He is such a great dog and will only bark for a treat or to go outside He has been an inside dog his entire life and has excellent house manners. He loves to swim, and he did not have any medical issues other than his weight. He does not play with toys and he is a very laid-back dog. He is great with other dogs and cats. We loved him and again he is a very nice dog.

GGLRR saw Spartan on the Mendocino rescue website and reached out to them to see if we could help. They were happy to have us rescue him and we now have him in a foster home.

What Spartan’s Foster Mom says: Spartan is a big love and is settling in well. He is a dog that loves to sleep and is not that active. We get him up 2-3 times a day to talk him on short walks and then he loves to sleep. (We think he is settling in from all the change.) He would be best in a home that does not have slick floors. He loves to snuggle, he loves being with his people, loves to be brushed and loves his short walks. Losing some weight will really help him and we have started him on a low-calorie diet. We had a small dog over, and he just sniffed the dog and walked away.

What Spartan’s Rescue Rep says: We would love to find a home that will be Spartan’s forever last home. A home that does not mind a senior dog and a dog that is not that active. A home that will help Spartan get some weight off, a home that will take him on short walks, take him swimming and give him lots of attention and love. GGLRR wants to find a home for Spartan that loves old souls! Spartan should be on a strict diet to get some weight off. He will need help getting in and out of the car.

Spartan’s Medical Information: GGLRR will be getting him into the vet for a full blood panel, well check and we will get him on some anti-inflammatories to help with his arthritis. The foster mom is giving him a low-calorie dog food and some supplements to help with his coat and joints. He is neutered, up to date on his shots, he is heartworm negative, he is microchipped, and the shelter removed two growths on his under belly.

Spartan is located in: Brentwood

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