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Video: Suki enjoying a stick

Video: Suki learning to relax.. with Cash and Diesel

Video: Suki and chew toy action

Suki: 1-year-old female black Lab mix 50 pounds not yet spayed

Background: Just another lost dog from the central valley? Not this one. Just ask her… she is a special one. She was pretty scared out of her wits at the shelter… and kept to the rear of her kennel – away from passers-by. A few treats, a little patience, some calm words, a chin scratch… and suddenly her tail wagged, signaling “Get me the heck out of here!”… and we complied…

What Suki’s Foster says: Following a few quiet days of de-compression after her shelter stint, this young gal is now showing her spirit and energy and affectionate nature. Loves her walks, although it is clear that she had probably never been on a leash walk before – she bounces and meanders all over the place. Suki is gear and happy to meet people and other dogs on walks. She romps and wrassles big-time with our other foster dog Cash… while our own Lab Diesel just wants to steer clear of her antics and craziness. A little bit of a counter-surfer, Suki will jump up on you, seeking face-licks (your face, her licks) and affection. She has been spending the night and sometime during the day relaxing in a crate – she is still getting used to chilling out in the crate. Takes a lot to tire this one out though… as she is the energizer puppy. Suki is not so food motivated as she is just so excited with all the rest of the world around her.

What Suki’s Rescue Rep says: The shelter estimated her at two-years-old; we think she is around one, perhaps younger. Suki will require lots of patience and work as she is lacking many manners. Probably too much for young children or older folks that are looking for a calm dog. “Calm” is NOT Suki’s middle name. Doggie obedience class will be a fine investment for Suki and her adopting family. Although she is still quite young, we think Suki won’t get too much bigger… perhaps 60 pounds tops.

Medical Information: Suki appears to be in fine health, and she will soon visit our vet for a wellness check, heartworm test, and spaying.

Suki is located in: Berkeley.

If you are interested in Suki, call, text, or email Rescue Rep Dave, 415-686-4248,

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