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Taffy: 2-year-old male chocolate Lab mix 47 pounds neutered

Background:Confiscated by a local animal services agency, Taffy and his pal Cookie had been neglected and underfed by his former owner who stated his dogs were not interested in the food he was feeding them. Huh? The former owner allegedly brought both dogs to the shelter to be euthanized [what the heck?], wherein the shelter refused and immediately took custody of both dogs. Both dogs immediately gobbled down all food and treats offered by the shelter. We are delighted to have both Taffy and Cookie in our adoption program now.

What Taffy's foster says: Such a nice dog! Taffy has settled in to our home with ease. He is playful as a two-year-old should be, affectionate, but gentle and quiet. Easygoing in all respects. He is house trained and happily sleeping through the night in his crate. He knows sit and stay, and comes when called. He is, not surprisingly, very food focused and guarding against counter surfing is something that will take vigilance in his new home. He does not, however, beg with earnest at the dinner table nor do we see any food guarding behavior. Getting along well with our dog, learning tug and ball, and interested but not too aggressive with our cat, I think Taffy will do fine with other animals. He needs introductions to people and new social situations, as I don't think he got out much. He is a bit shy but has that youthful enthusiasm and will need to learn the ropes on how to greet people without either barking or jumping up. I think he would do well with older children, but may be too interested in eating baby food and any scraps around younger kids. A genuine kind soul, it is difficult to fathom how Taffy could have been so neglected. He is eating well now and thankful to have a second chance at the good life.

What Taffy's Rescue Rep says: Taffy is on a weight-gain program now as we endeavor to slowly put on some pounds. Really wondering what he will look like when he puts on the needed 20-25 pounds. Suspect he is a high-energy dog so he will need an active family that can keep up with him. Obedience training recommended.

Medical Information: Besides his extremely underweight status, Taffy appears to be in good health. He is neutered, microchipped, current on vaccinations, and heartworm negative. We will be getting him to our vet in the near future for an overall checkup.

Taffy is located in: El Cerrito.

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