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TANK: 1 ½ - 2 Year Old - male black lab mix 85-lbs Not yet neutered

Background: Tank was rescued by a good Samaritan in Upper Lake CA. He was chased onto her property by two other dogs and she searched everyone for an owner. She tried to work with a few rescue groups in her area but did not have much luck. She found GGLRR online and reached out to see if we can help Tank.

What Tank’s rescuer says: Tank is a great dog and I would keep him but I have a lot of cats on my property and he does not seem to show any interest, but I want to keep the cats safe. I have had him for 5 weeks now and this is my observations on Tank. He is a very happy friendly dog that does have some prey drive. He is housebroken and knows; sit, come, fetch, drop and out. He loves to play with my does and they love to run and chase each other. He likes to ride in the car, he will jump up on people sometimes, comes when called, loves to play fetch, adores other dogs and he is a very gentle dog. If he gets bored, he may chew on things, so I make sure he has nyla-bones.

What Tank’s foster says: We think his name might be Beau or something that starts with the Ba sound. He responds well to that constant sound. This big boy is the most loving gentle giant. He is very social with people and other animals. He has been around small children, teenagers, male and female adults , chickens, horses, dogs and cats. In my care he has never been reactivate to any of them. He does bark when someone walks by our house or the neighbor is watering next to fence but nothing crazy. He will hang out in the backyard but does like to be in the house with family. He is very social. He loves to lay at my feet while I am working. He sleeps in his crate at night. He does good on leash but likes to sit down at about the 1/2-mile mark and needs to be encouraged to walk. My kindergarteners and neighborhood kids walk him up and down the street all by themselves and he just walks next to them. No food aggression and he eats right next to our dog. He has a very soft mouth when being feed by hand. He is tall dog and can reach the top of the counters/tables with just a stretch. He will need some training on this. You would never know he is an intact male by his calm nature. He likes to try to crawl up on your lap and cuddle. I am sure he will get even better once neutered. House broken but I would watch him the first week or two. He did leave mark in our garage. He is a chewer and what we call a ‘toy killer’ but we have been working with him and he is getting better. He will make great addition to any family. He is unfazed by loud noises, crying children, children crawling/laying on him to snuggle, animals barking at him or just lots of commotion in general.

What Tank’s Rescue Rep says: Wow! What a great dog! A joy to hang out with. Tank seems to roll with the punches and acclimates right away to new situations and just loves his pack. He is a well-adjusted dog that we would love to find an adopter who can get Tank outside for walks and a home where he will be part of the pack. I would say a home without cats unless it is a dog savvy cat. We are not sure what Tank is mixed with, but he will be a big dog and a BIG gentle giant.

Medical: GGLRR is getting Tank into the vet for a well check and will arrange his neuter.

Tank is currently located in: Walnut Creek.

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