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Video: Toby Patiently Waiting Getting Ready for a Walk

Toby: 9-Year-Old Neutered Male Chocolate Lab Mix 83.5 Pounds

Background: Toby is coming in as an owner surrender as he is not getting along with the resident cats, of which there are four. He has become increasingly anxious around them to the point where he freezes in fear and won't cross their path. There was one incident where he snapped at them around food, and since then, his family has been diligent about keeping them separated from one another.

What Toby's Family Says: Toby is a very smart, obedient, and playful boy. He loves to play fetch and swim - he even dives to the bottom of the deep end of our pool to retrieve his Kong toy! When he's done swimming, he enjoys being towel dried. He really loves water in any form. He will chase water squirted from a hose, and splash in puddles or small containers of water. His absolute favorite, though, is our pool. Toby knows several commands, such as sit, stay, shake, lie down, gentle, and wait. He jumps to catch a treat in the air and is very food motivated. He does food guard, so we usually sit with him while he eats, and sometimes we give treats in the middle of a meal so that he sees us as safe around his food. Toby will growl if he feels uncomfortable, so just to be safe we use a muzzle at the vet, and if needed at home (currently using a muzzle when we put medicine in his ears). He is fearful of loud noises (thunder, fireworks, etc.), and we give him hemp calming treats which do seem to help. Toby is good when left at home with his canine sister, but whines and barks if completely alone. But when we come home, we get the BEST excited greeting. He sleeps well on his dog bed in my bedroom, separated from our four cats. He is house trained and can make it all night without having to go outside. Toby is quite afraid of our cats and has snapped at them when they approached while he was eating. The cats are currently kept separated from him at all times to prevent any issues. Currently, we give Toby a mixture of moistened kibble and wet food. Toby's ideal home would be one where he is the only pet, where there are no cats, and no children under the age of 12.

What Toby's Rescue Rep says: I met Toby in his backyard, and he did come up and bark at me initially. I paused and let him sniff me before walking in farther, at which point he went into the house and brought out his Kong. He loves to swim and dive for his Kong, something he did within minutes of meeting him. He has a senior canine sister, that he gets along with, although he seems much more interested in fetching and swimming. According to his family, he's only been socialized with his canine sister, and his main exercise is swimming in the backyard. I took him out for a walk to see how he did encountering people and dogs, but it was an unusually hot day, and no one was out. Toby walked okay with a gentle leader harness - stopped, sniffed, and urinated frequently along his neighborhood block. According to his family, Toby would do best in a quieter home, definitely one without cats, possibly okay with another calm dog but probably best as an only dog. He was adopted at the age of 6 months, when his human siblings were 7 years old and up; they are now older teenagers and since Toby is now older, an adult home would be better suited.

Here are Toby's quirks: He doesn't like to be touched on his lower abdomen, or his tail, and will snap. He is muzzled when he goes to the vet. Lab Rescue took him in to get his vaccines updated, and the vet reported that she had to take off his muzzle to examine his teeth in which Toby was quite cooperative and friendly. Toby is very fearful and noise-sensitive to fireworks. He is afraid of feet. When laying down next to his family, he will move away from their feet; they think he may have been mistreated (possibly kicked) before they adopted him. He was in a few different homes before they adopted him at the age of 6-months.

Toby's needs: Quieter, adult home, not a city dog. A good match would be with a confident dog-savvy person with no cats. Swimming pool or regular access to water would be ideal as he loves it so much. He will require slow introductions and time to get familiar with you. Once you engage in playing fetch with him, he'll be your friend.

He's playful, an excellent swimmer and diver!

Medical Information: Toby is up-to-date on core vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped, and neutered. He is presently being treated for an ear infection. Toby does have some lumps on his abdomen area which his family had checked out by a vet and are lipomas (fatty). He is slightly overweight, and the vet would like to see him lose about 10+ pounds.

Toby is located in: Campbell

If you are interested in adopting Toby, please contact Rescue Rep Kris at

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