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Tonka: 8 Year-Old Black Male Labrador (Neutered) 84 Pounds

Updated Bio:

Meet Tonka, affectionately renamed by his foster, for his vigor! He may be 8 years-old, but that has not slowed this friendly guy down one bit.

Lab Rescue pulled Tonka from the Hollister shelter on October 30. They contacted us reporting they had an 8 year-old black neutered male Labrador-- a friendly dog that passed all their behavioral tests.

Records show his previous owner surrendered him saying s/he could not keep him any longer. His name was Winer, and we wanted to change that right away.

Upon meeting him, Lab Rescue came upon a dog with a BIG smile and wagging tail. We took him out to the yard where he played with another dog. We swooped him up and got Tonka into the vet the same day for an examination, including getting him up-to-date on vaccines. Tonka was covered in foxtails and the vet had to remove one embedded in his bottom with forceps--OUCH!

Tonka is reportedly doing very well in his foster home and is affectionate with good energy. He is great in the house, sleeps all night on his dog bed, stands by the door to let you know when he has to go out. His foster is working with him on his leash manners, as he is a puller; he walks better with a no-pull harness. Tonka will sometimes bark at other dogs he encounters on walks, but not in an aggressive way. Although he is gray in the muzzle, she walks him at least 50 minutes/day because he is pretty active. He is always wagging his tail and smiling. He usually sneaks his way on to her sofa and sometimes likes to snuggle with her on her bed. Tonka gets along well with the foster's two other senior dogs.

Tonka will make a wonderful addition to a family. He gets along well with other dogs, but would probably do best as an only dog. If a dog is too frisky, he will growl. The rep transported Tonka and another dog to a vet exam, and while Tonka lay quietly enjoying the ride, the other dog was whining and howling. Tonka growled as if to say, "be quiet." That didn't stop the other dog, and Tonka endured the hour-drive, maturely, tuning him out and falling asleep.

Tonka would do best in a home with adults and older children. Families with small children, who want to climb and,or pull on him, will not be a good fit. Tonka will make a nice companion and would love to have a home where he can be near his human, receive daily walks, and Tonka does react to cats so a home without them is recommended.

Tonka is up-to-date on vaccinations and is heartworm negative. He recently had a few lumps and bumps removed, which came back benign, through UC Davis.

Tonka is located in San Jose.

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