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Video: Waldo with a toy-dropping fly-by

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Waldo: 8-month-old male yellow Lab 54-lbs neutered

From Waldo's Owner: Along with a young shepherd, this guy was surrendered by family that did not have time to care for the dogs. Taken to the Los Banos shelter, Waldo (we gave him that name) was terribly scared and shutdown. We believe he did not get much socialization with humans at his previous home; he may have even been mistreated -- we just don’t know.

What Waldo’s foster says: Waldo was in shutdown mode when we picked him up from his rescuer, after several days in a very scary shelter. His progress since then (almost two weeks ago) has been amazing. He's still fearful of human hands, but he likes touching noses with us. He plays happily with our younger dog, and enjoys the company of our older, seasoned foster-mentor dog. We think he'd love a home with another dog. Waldo has a sweet, shy disposition, and has not shown any aggression. He has a gentle mouth and is very receptive to treats/rewards, which he takes from our hands, very gently. He learned quickly that leashes mean walks, which he enjoys. (He needs leash training, though.) He doesn't know basic commands (come, sit, stay, down), but he's treat-oriented and ready to learn. Waldo has never made a toileting mistake in the house; we give him plenty of access to the yard. He'll be a fabulous companion once his life has structure and predictability. He's mellowing quickly, & is a real sweetie (except for the teething thing): he chewed a corner off Steve's pillow the other night, and in the morning the bedroom looked like a snowstorm had hit! However, he charms everyone who meets him with his playful, happy puppy-ness.

What Waldo’s Rescue Rep says: Waldo will need a steady and patient adopter who is willing to give Waldo the time and room to come out of his shell. Presence of another dog in the adopter’s home would be a great thing for Waldo. Enlisting a professional dog trainer or behaviorist would be valuable to learn how best to work with Waldo. Not good for family with children given his skittishness. Likely will want to play with cats, but we just do not know for sure. Waldo will likely take a significant amount of time (and effort) to become a calm, confident dog.

Medical: Waldo is in good health and neutered. Current on vaccinations, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

Waldo is currently located in: Vacaville.

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