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WALTER: 5.5 Year-Old Yellow Male Labrador - 81 Pounds, Neutered

Yes, Walter is back. He was adopted at the beginning of this year and returned as he became protective of his adopters (barked and snapped) at an adult son who was passing through for a few nights. His adopters, especially the dad, were heartbroken upon the decision to have to return Walter; they realized he needed something more than what they were able to provide.

Background: Would you believe someone left this guy in the overnight locker at the shelter? He is a big boy and we think he may be mixed with Pyrenees or Newfoundland.

Prior to adoption, Walter was fostered for two months and is back with the same foster (his rep and her husband).

Here's what they have to say:

Walter is still that sweet and goofy boy and has been through a lot since his adoption in January. He was neutered, underwent entropion repair surgery on both of his eyes, received laser therapy for elbow dysplasia, and was put on a diet resulting in added vigor at a svelte 81 pounds.

He has always had playful energy that had to be contained prior to the laser treatments (for his elbows) so there was a lot of pent up energy there. Since being treated, he has been given vet clearance to "be a dog," just not to overdo it.

We've been monitoring his behavior and have had various guests come through since Walter returned in May, including one from a trainer to see if he showed any sort of reaction towards her. He has barked at a couple of our guests, but not all, and he didn't react towards the trainer. Lab Rescue is putting him into a once/week doggie daycare to further assess him.

Walter welcomes head scratches, body, and tummy rubs. He's friendly, calm, and enjoys playing with our other dog. He loves Kongs and will either run through the house with them, or bring them to you to toss, and if you don't, he'll bark at you until you do. He enjoys playing fetch, chewing on Nylabones, the occasional marrow bone, and napping in the afternoon.

Lab Rescue would like to see Walter in a home where his socialization training will continue, a home with dog-experienced parents who will supervise slow introductions, provide calm, assertive direction and where he will receive adequate exercise. Presently, he receives two-three 30-45 minute walks per day with longer outings on the weekends. He can pull on walks; on a recent trip to the vet, Walter almost pulled his foster to the ground as he made a dash for the exit. One of the challenges his former adopter had was when Walter would see another dog, he'd pull in excitement to say hello (pulling him down to the ground on a couple of occasions). With his fosters now, he hasn't done that so much, and it's likely due to already being in the company of the fosters' other dogs. A nice canine sibling would be an added bonus; Walter does very well with nice dogs and enjoys that companionship. We don't know how he is with cats. We think he'd do better in more of a quiet home, rather than one with too much activity.

Walter is up-to-date on vaccinations and is heartworm negative. He takes a daily joint supplement and an anti-inflammatory.

If you are interested in this big, sweet, doofus (affectionate reference), please email Rescue Rep Kris at Please note our service area: GGLRR serves the greater SF Bay Area.

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