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Zoe: 12-year-old female black Lab ~65 pounds spayed

Background: Zoe came to us on January 3rd from a very loving owner who needed to rehome her due to medical issues which left him unable to care for her as he would like. Zoe used to live outside (except in the winter) and would go to work with her owner. This last winter his wife decided she did not want Zoe to come into the home and with is medical issues he felt the right thing to do was find a new home for Zoe. It truly was a very hard thing for him to do but he knew it was the right thing. He called Lab Rescue and we took Zoe into our program and have her in a foster home; inside the home.

What Zoe's Foster Says: Zoe is clearly from a loving home. She is sweet, energetic, well-mannered and well-adjusted. Zoe is a GOOD girl. She wants to do what she can to please. She waits to be invited into the house. She knows sit, stay, down, heal (selectively), leave it, has great recall off-leash and at least in the first 48 hours hasn't barked. She is surprisingly playful and strong for a 12 year old lab. She loves walks, swimming, fetch (short distances), and tug. We've been taking two one-hour walks a day and she could do more. Her owner used to take her on a bike ride / run because a walk "wasn't enough" for her. I now know what he means. She starts the walk pulling, but has been adapting to walking next to me on a short lead. A little more experience with this and I think she'll be a good on-leash walker. So far, Zoe has been quite appropriate with other dogs. Her owner said that she's usually great on the initial introduction but then if a dog tries to play or lingers too long she'll give them a growl or warning (she's not interested). I haven't experienced this. No exposure yet with cats. She loves to play with toys; we are not sure if she had toys in the past but she LOVES them. She loves to swim, go for car rides and she is so well behaved. She sleeps through the night on her dog bed; which she loves and she has amazing house manners.

Medical Information: Zoe is currently recovering from what could be a raccoon bite near her right back leg. (We are not sure what happened and the owner was not sure. He said it was healing but GGLRR wanted to make sure things were ok so we paid the vet bill so we could see what was possibly wrong with her. ) It's shaved, so it looks a little funny, but she's nearly finished with her antibiotics and the wound is healing nicely. She has one fatty lump on her belly. Her teeth look great, she is in amazing shape and has pet in her step. She is current on her shots and seems to be a very healthy girl at 12! (GGLRR will be taking her to the vet this week for a full well check and blood panel.)

Zoe is located in: Sausalito

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