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Labs in Need from Individuals

Last updated March 3, 2015 Other labs in rescues and shelters

Whenever possible, GGLRR will post Labs for individuals who must find a new home for their pet. Dogs on this page have not been met and evaluated by GGLRR and are not part of our program. We only provide this listing service as a courtesy for a month to Northern / Central California Labs and assume no responsibilities for the dogs posted on this page. Please contact if you have a dog you would like us to post on this page and provide the posting as you would like it to appear on the page.. Please note since we are a Lab Rescue, we only list Labrador Retrievers or Lab-mixes that appear to be mostly Labrador.

We welcome donations from those who benefit from our maintenance of this web page.

We encourage you to check PetFinder or Adopt a Pet for labs that may be available from other rescue organizations. For additional dogs in need of new homes, please search:

Labs and Lab Mixes Available from Others

Moxie: 9.5 year old spayed lab mix, 55 pounds

Moxie is nine-year-old female black lab and pit bull mix who was originally adopted from a San Jose shelter as a puppy. Unfortunately, her home is no longer able to care for her due to some life changes. We are fostering her while searching for a new home where she can get the love she needs.

Moxie is a curious yet timid dog. She loves to run around outdoors, meeting other dogs, and is very loving once she bonds with people. However, she is anxious about unfamiliar people, places and noises. For example, fireworks are terrifying for her, and the sounds of the UPS truck will elicit barks from her, but she loves going on hikes and on a short backpacking trip began to follow when even the new people left the camp.

Moxie has good basic training, such as sitting and waiting for her food or a walk. She is house and crate trained and likes to sleep in her crate. She will do best in a quiet neighborhood. She is fine indoors most of the day, but needs to get outside and run around now and then. She is spayed and has all of her shots up to date. Her previous family will also assist with any medical issues she may develop in her old age.

Moxie is currently in San Jose, but willing to travel to meet potential families. Please contact or call 408-982-7515 if you would like to meet or find out more about Moxie.

Children: Maybe, they can frighten her, but she is from a home with three toddlers.

Energy Level: Medium Low, she spends most of her days sleeping, but likes to get out and run around twice a day.

Potty Trained: Yes

Dogs: Yes, she loves dogs!

Cats: Maybe

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We Need Your Help!

Even with all our volunteers, it costs a lot to save and place 300 Labs a year. There are costs to bail-out these dogs from the shelters along with vet and temporary kennelling costs when no foster homes are available. Please consider a donation of cash, vehicle, or even your time through volunteering.

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