Success Stories with GGLRR Adoptions

Lab Rescue places ~250 Labs/year and our volunteers are always delighted to hear adopter testimonials. Here are a few of the recent stories adopters have told us. Subscribe to our newsletters (bottom of every web page) to continue to hear more "happy endings".


Herc is doing great and firmly a part of our family now.

His blood work is finally perfect so we took him to our vet to have several abscessed teeth removed along with a ruptured cyst on his lower back. He had to have nine teeth removed (one fell out before the vet even started the extractions), and he had two pretty bad abscesses. He made it through with flying colors and was back to his happy go-lucky self later the same day. We think he feels much much better now.

Our other lab adores Herc and even our finicky golden retriever is happy he's a part of our pack. We cannot imagine our family without him.


Mack (formerly Maxwell) is living the dream!

He is so loyal, lovable and full of energy. He loves to hike, swim for days (we would never have known he couldn't swim when we adopted him!) and, lucky for us, he loves visiting breweries.

Mack loves kids so we try and act young!


Stanley continues to do fabulously and we are in love!

Yesterday we went to the enclosed dog park and he was a huge social butterfly, going from person to person, saying hello and receiving pets. He really looked thrilled. It was nice to be able to let him explore without a leash. He seems to recognize us as his family and is now coming when called--not always, but more and more.

He also went to see our vet. We wanted to take advantage of the free first office visit and ask about his ears and hotspots, so we can stay ahead on those. She also checked his incision sites. His incisions still need attention, though they are improving.

I keep trying to get good photos of him. He does this adorable thing where he lays on the couch and puts his head on the side table. We put a pillow on it for him. The photo here was as close as I could get. Wish I'd thought to take them at the dog park; he was really smiling.

Thanks again for our great dog!


Ellie is a big love and still always smiling!

I think she's a bit over 50 pounds now. She is doing great with city life! We don't know what happened to her when she was wandering around Merced, but it didn't seem to involve anything with noise or traffic because she isn't troubled by any of it.

She has taken some dog training and is getting pretty reliable off leash at the park. Chuck says she's the smartest dog he's ever had. Pretty much her only sin is occasionally stealing the cat food.


We adopted our Luke in 2005. He had been a stray on the streets of Bakersfield. He was evaluated to be 3 years old, so he is currently 13. He is slowing down significantly due to arthritis in all leg joints but still handles gently paced walks.

As is typical for Labs, food is a motivation; couple that with having to live on the streets, and Luke will take advantage of opportunities to seek out food-related items. Over the years our household has lost a CrockPot, two coffee makers and had a BBQ damaged among other items. However, we love him anyway--after all he is family--and after some post-cleanup time has passed, we can laugh about his food adventures!


As always, Scout has one focus - his beloved ball. His adoptive family is giving him lots of fetch time and says that he is doing great and has been a great joy to their family.


My boyfriend and I just wanted to give you an update on Blue and how he's doing. He LOVES Buddy and snuggles with him every chance he gets. Every other weekend we go to Santa Cruz to the beach and he LOVES the beach! Just yesterday we went some trails in Alameda and then fished the rock wall. And funny thing is, he actually really likes fishing; he gets super excited when he sees a fish! Mr. Blue is also in training for becoming a therapy pet. :)


Despite his socialization & separation anxiety, Bodie has been doing so well that we decided to take him with us to the D4D - Walk for the Dogs. He did great! Lots of dogs, people, strollers, balloons, costumes and he took it all in stride. He was a bit suspicious of a drone flying overhead but aren't we all! Everyone who met him was charmed by him. Bodie is jumping in the car more readily and seems to be handling our coming and going better. He's still inclined to stop if he's unsure & will not be moved until he's ready. Overall, incredible progress and we feel lucky to have him in our family!