Memorials and Tributes

Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue graciously acknowledges the following donations made in memory and in honor of loved ones (2 and 4-legged).

In loving memory of Logan
~ Shelia Kolby

In honor of Cal's 7th B-day

~ Andrew & Laura Poppink

In memory Of Cayla
~ M.E. Lamb

In honor of Maggie
~ Shelley Tantau

In memory of Carly VanderWoude
~ Kevin Hurst & Jeffrey Bryon

In honor of the Shepardson family
~ Valerie Cordero

In honor of my best friend Jasmine
~ Amy Allen

Thank you for all your hard work!
~ Philip & Kimberli Osborn

In memory of Sparky & Sam.
~ Cynthia & Richard Davis

In memory of Abby.
~ Lisabeth Lufkin

Love our lab we adopted.
~ Bruce & Harriet Newell

In honor of Maggie.
~ Shelley Tantau

In memory of our neighbor's Lab, Lafayette, who was like one of our own.
~ Mary Gumila

In loving memory of Amarillo Boyd "Rio".
~ Kimberly Connors

In honor of Daryl Soloman- Happy Birthday!
~ Audre Nelson

In honor of Lulu.
~ Liz Frome

In memory of Travis, whom we adopted 13 years ago and left us last Christmas. We miss him dearly.
~ William Gittler

In honor of Lucy and her Scottie buddy Gus
~ Sherry Shepardson

In memory of Duchess and Dixie and in honor of Laci and Jasper…Rescue dogs all!
~ Ken and Beth Myers

In honor of our GGLRR dogs, Riley (Larry) and Kona and our other rescue dogs, Okie and Bailey.
~ Jeffrey & Jean Levenstam

In memory of Gwendolyn & Lucy
~ Franklin Acojido

In memory of my best buddy Zeke
~ Julie Champion

In honor of GGLRR volunteers
~ Janis Cherry

Merry Xmas Big Deb & Buddy!
~ Matthew McEuen

In honor of Debbi Behrman
~ Martin Reed & Karen Neely

Happy Holidays from Fritter (Indo)!
~ Kelly Cooke

In memory of Molly & In Honor of Phoebe. Thanks for your hard work.
~ John Lane

In honor of Valerie Smith
~ Bob & Jackie Smith

In honor of Corbie (Midnight)
~ Erik Ruppe

In memory of Bill Cody
~ Michelle Cody

In honor of Breeze & Tosca
~ Linda Wilford

In memory of Miranda
~ Robert Scarlett

In memory of our neighbor's Lab, Lafayette, who was like one of our own.
~ Mary Gumila

In memory of Gumbo & Sunny
~ Gary Orkin & Martha Ramey

In memory of Rigby & Kayla
~ Colleen Loop

In honor of Judy, thank you for Schooner.
~ Elizabeth Coleman

In loving memory of Jordan who was taken too early from us at age 10. Jordan was the best friend I've ever had. I hope his stocking is full of tennis balls in heaven!! I miss you and love you so much, Mr. Deed!!!
~ Christine Hoang

In honor of my wonderful wife Laura and our great rescue Lab Kody - Happy Holidays.
~ Jim Haberlin

In honor of the Dann Family. Merry Christmas!
~ Justin Sacco

In loving memory of Rudy
~ Yelena Gladysheva

For Senior Dogs, in honor of Bea and Tim.
~ Sandra Orlando

In memory of Brody
~ Center of Balance

In honor of Reno
~ Kumquat Art

In honor of Maggie finding her forever home with Katie.
~ Luanne Wilson

In memory of beautiful, sweet Bonnie who gave us so much love in her short life with us.
~ Laura Haberlin

In honor of Roscoe
~ Sally Mills

Thanks for what you do.
~ Libby Szander

In Memory Chuck Bowman.
~ Eckhard & Marcia Konkel

In loving memory of Kevin Shumaker
~ Elaine Taylor

In memory of Lucy
~ Scott & Nadeen Rosebrook

In honor of Max
~ Pets Eternal Rest Inc. & Cheryl Ramos

Thank you for Eliza (Moogie)
~ Tracy Harcourt

Tribute to Charlie Brown Diamond, who never failed to make us smile with his joyful attitude and his antics. Rest in Peace good boy.
~ Alice Carter

In honor of Debbi & Geroge Behrman
~ Jennifer Frank

In Memory of Jill, a good friend and loyal companion.
~ Dorothea Newlands

In Honor of Larissa
~ Carolyn

In Memory of Hannah E. Randle & In Honor of Mocha Randle
~ RJ Ehmsen

In Memory of Jake
~ Philip & Stephanie Carter

In Honor of Jack
~ Linda Hannah

In Memory of Bellamy
~ Eric Bower

In Honor of Louie
~ Ronald Kraemer

In honor of Brandon Beatson
~ James & Jenny Lamb

In Memory of Gioia
~ Audrey Tomaselli

In Memory of Hobie
~ Debra Hill

In Honor of GG
~ Emma Swain & Wes Jones

In Memory of Phil, for Mocha
~ Birgit Myles

In Memory of Steve Lyon
~ Russ & Diane Tonda

In Honor of Lisa Alexander DVM who saved my cat Freya after a terrible car accident. Thank you for all you do!
~ Crystal Cox

In Memory of Scooter
~ Brian Taylor

In Memory of Jesse Phillips
~ Carol Hartman & Jeanette Gonsalves

In Memory of Mike
~ Darlene & Jerry Hatfield

In Honor of Judy Taylor
~ Karen Gardner

In honor of Liz
~ Dale Jenssen

In memory of sweey Buddy
~ Linda Moore

In Memory of Hershey Hunter
~ Glenn Hunter

In Memory of Kevin Shumaker
~ Susan Taheny

In Honor of Uncle Jess Phillips
~ Orlo & Marsha Phillips

In Memory of Skippy, Cody & Max
~ Lisa Barclay

In memory of Hector - the beloved lab who brought tremendous joy to his family, Alice and Benjamin.
~ Sarah Singleton

To Red, Love from Abby Rosenberg.
~ E. Louisa Rosenberg

In honor of Fiona.
~ James & Nyda Delegeane

In honor of Jake.
~ David & Judy Gremer

In memory of Breeze, Turner & Bug.
~ Diane Garfield

In honor of Amy.
~ Deedee Ruxton

In memory of Walter.
~ Eric Larkin

In memory of Mager's Millenium.
~ Beverly Jeanne Mager

In memory of Lucas.
~ Michelle Cody

In honor of Rusty.
~ Barbara Misthos

In memory of Magic.
~ Laurie & Mike Morris

Thanks for Roxy.
~ Al & Happy Lagomarsino

In memory of Handsome.
~ Dr. Allan Rosenberg

In memory of Sweet Annie.
~ Charles Shih & Beth Ericksen

In memory of Cori and Aspen.
~ John & Lisa Wiseman

In loving memory of Evelyn Rybensky who loved and adopted many dogs overs the years.
~ Debbie & Gene Hoyle

In honor of Jenny, Martie, & Chris Conner.
~ M.J. Barker

In honor of Willie.
~ Mr. & Mrs. Don Tobin

In memory of Zoe.
~ Andrew & Anne Branagh

Happy Birthday Buddy McEuen's mom

~ Matthew McEuen

In memory of beautiful, sweet Liv, with our sympathy to Jule, Jerry & Oso Stone.
~ Janis Cherry

In memory of Mancha, our Yellow Lab.
~ David Crawford

In memory of Brandon Beatson
~ Carol & Harry Dokouzian
~ Bruce & Gayle Snyder
~ Laurie R Daniels
~ Marilyn Tapson
~ Lois Scott
~ John & Nicole Amos

In memory of sweet, gentle Gilda on the second anniversary of your death. I was so happy to be your second mom for the last 14 months, and I hope you and your first mom are together again.
~ Janis Cherry

In Honor of Shasta & In Memory of Holly
~ Maureen McClain

In honor of Jane Borders
~ Caroline Beverstock

In honor of the Notas family, lab rescuing champs!
~ Rebecca Brown

In honor of Dominic & Alexander's Birthdays!
~ Denise Gordon

In honor of Buster
~ Deborah Oates

In memory of Boo

~ Liz Frome

In memory of Helen Dow
~ Lisa & Tom O'Brien

In memory of Gioia
~ Audrey Tomaselli

In honor of Meg & JJ
~ Jackie & Bob Smith

In honor of Chase
~ Gina Ecker

In honor of Bones
~ Victor Dalot

From Libby the Lab
~ Joseph & Dinah Szander

In loving memory of Rudy
~ Yelena Gladysheva

For Uncle David, in loving memory of Rosie
~ Rachel Kincaid

In memory of Tigey Babie
~ Michele Hillberg

In honor of Ben and Laurie Parodi for Gunner
~ Alfred Gilbert

In memory of Cody Boy - we miss you terribly
~ Melissa Stratton

In memory of "Dancer" Watters - Hy-Tides Dances with Wings
~ Chris & Susan Watters

In memory of Kolya, on the third anniversary of his death, with gratitude for the 12 years we were blessed with our Big Handsome, our Puppy Boy, who is so loved and so missed.
~ Janis Cherry

To Steve Argyris & Kathy Cody in memory of your sweet boy Reno
~ Lar Bryer & Bill Brockett

In memory of Dylan
~ Paula Whitton

In memory of Jake
~ David & Judith Gremer

Zora you were a funny Baba loo. Susan and Doug, we are sorry for the loss of your silly girl. We will miss her too!
~ Laurie and Pete

In memory of Lucas
~ Sylvia Albertson

In memory of our beloved Buckie - our home will never be the same without your waggly tail!
~ Love Mom, Dad & Libby

In memory of Sachi Nishida
~ Carole & Frank Gwynn

In honor of our Lab Rescues, Riley & Kona and our other rescues Okie and Bailey and in memory of Jett, Otti, Schnitzel, Schatzi & Raven
~ Jeffrey & Jean Levenstam

In memory of Painted Lady
~ Sally & Craid Nordlund

In memory of Francine Stump
~ Pamela Manning

In honor of Jim Barnes & In Memory of Lucas
~ Katherine Bryce

In memory of Cody Boy- we miss you terribly
~ Lora Lee Del Rosario

In memory of Niles
~ Brittany Coffman

In honor of Louie
~ Ronald Kraemer

In honor of Sammy & Skylar
~ Sherri Wagner

To celebrate Henley
~ Pamela Manning

In memory of Marstad's Darling Winnie Pooh Bear
~ Lorrie & Mark Bellows

In honor of Buddy & Sadie
~ Rudy & Ben Herrera

In memory of Lucky Carter
~ Jeanine Rose Carter

In memory of Bella
~ Jan Thurston

In honor of Amy
~ Deedee Ruxton

In honor of Rocco Coghlan
~ Dayna Coghlan

In loving memoery of our lab Hawk Mewface Huang-Camba. Thank you for the best 10 years. You are the best thing that has happened to my wife, Madison and me. I know you are someplace where there are a ton of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
~ Christopher Camba

In memory of Butter & Lucky
~ Margaret Hickox & Harriet Tucker ~ Peg Hickox

In memory of Max
~ Donald Kurtz

In honor of Jake
~ Phil & Stephanie Carter

In honor of Breeze and Turner
~ Diane Garfield

In loving memory of Jessie
~ Anthony Yee

In honor of Annie
~ Larry & Barbara Lange

In memory of Sadie de la Noche
~ Trudi Cole

In memory of Miranda
~ Robert Scarlett

In loving memory of Evonne Dorris, donating her collection of equipment to GGLRR.

~ Joyce Converse

In honor of Liz Frome
~ Janis Cherry

In honor of Taz Simone
~ Kelly Johnson

In memory of Curtis Hunter
~ Glen & Connie Hunter

In honor of Diamond Dog Retrievers
~ Sharon & Larry Ventura

In memory of Martha, a sweet yellow lab
~ Sally Liska & Dan Mills

In memory of John Freuch Allen Jr. and his companions: Gordo, Duncan & Donner
~ Jennifer & Gray Schuler

Im memory of Nene Acojido
~ Franklin Acojido

In honor of Rex - first and best foster
~ Stephen Todd

In honor of Chuck Shepardson and our lab Lucy
~ Sherry Shepardson

In honor of Breeze and Turner
~ Diane Garfield

In loving memory of Jessie
~ Anthony Yee

In honor of Laura Haberlin who adopted 9 year old Kody from you last year. You and Laura are wonderful.
~ Sarah Kowski

In memory of two great companions Seamus & Riley, two great dogs
~ Gerard Dinneen

For all those beautiful and loyal companions that have gone before and for those like Sadie who come along to complete a circle of love
~ Dennie Bernier

In loving memory of Kevin Shumaker
~ Elaine Taylor

In memory of Dutchess and Dixie and in honor of Laci and Jasper
~ Kenneth Meyers

From Jake - world's best dog!
~ Patrick Kearns

In loving memory of Kunna who brought so much joy to our lives!
We miss you!

~ Love Kathleen, Greg, Holly, Robbie, Mina

In loving memory of Chevy- adopted through GGLRR
~ Brandi Miller

In loving memory of Hickory
~ Carolyn Belloni & David Warmouth

In honor of Cody
~ Melinda & Eric Ruchames

In loving memory of Ella Mae, my sweet miracle dog.
~ Katharine Moore

In memory of Bellamy
~ Eric Bower

In memory of Lucy
~ Cris Chater

In honor of Sunny and Gumbo
~ Gary Orkin & Marth Ramey

In loving memory and honor of Rigby
~ Colleen Loop

In honor of Frolic and Breeze
~ Linda Wilford & Randall Ham

In honor of Ben.
~ Dave & Laura Coe

In honor of Coda
~ David Reedy

In memory of two great companions Seamus & Riley, two great friends forever
~ Gerard Dinneen

In honor of Mark Royal
~ Cathy Costello

For Paul and Shelley Stokstad for their never ending generosity.
~ Barbara Harmon

In memory of Super D, the super dog.
~ Lisa Gilsdorf

Donation for good friend Laura Haberlin who adopted 9 year old Kody from you last year. You and Laura are wonderful.
~ Sarah Kowski

Honor of Valerie Smith
~ Robert Smith

Honor of Tigger my GGLRR pup
~ Linda Fletcher

In honor of Glenn Walfoort, an ardent Lab enthusiast.
~ Carol Lincoln

Merry Christmas to Kylie, Jacqueline, Samuel and Briana
~ Love Uncle Ron, Aunt Barbara, Nikki, Marley and Lola

In memory of Darwin and in honor of Kate
~ Lori Roseman

In memory of Abby
~ John Oda

In honor and in memory of Kevin Shumaker.
~ Susan Taheny

Many Thanks to the Homesteaders 4H Club

In honor of Buddy we adopted 12 years ago, we will love you forever.
~ The Allison family

In loving memory of James Livingston.
~ Dorothy O'Leary ~ Mary-Kevin Willey

In memory of wonderful lab, Pongo.
~ Jon Frederick Schroeder ~ Sara Jordan Schroeder

In loving memory of dear Ozzy, who taught our family to adore dogs, and who brought warmth into our lives with his boundless energy, prancing, and puppy licks. We miss him beyond belief, but know he's playing endless fetch in heaven. Fair winds and following seas, Oz.
~ Love, Auntie Diana and Uncle Steven

In loving memory of Dannielle Marie Pellegrin, who loved her Labs.
~ Tana M Lingvall

In loving memory of Dannielle Marie Pellegrin.
~ Kelli & Mike Rantz

In memory of Jake.
~ Leslie Fulton

In Memory of Gilda (October 18, 1995 — June 8, 2011) You were so blessed that GGLRR saved you at 14 1/2, and I was so blessed to be your mom for the last 14 months of your life. You kept your sweet puppy expression and enthusiasm right up to the end. Your dainty, gentle presence is missed every day.

~ Janis Cherry

In memory of the mighty Hunter, a fantastic dog. He will be missed.
~ Love, George and Angela Frazier

In memory of Miranda, sweetest dog ever, sorely missed.
~ Robert Scarlett

Mr. Lumpy Brown Dog 12 1/2 years ago I volunteered for Lab Rescue and learned of Chocolate Lab horribly under weight; with kennel cough; and with little time left at a kill shelter in Sacramento. He became our sweet Lumpy Brown Dog. You'd be hard pressed to find a sweeter creature in the world. I hope this helps someone else find their forever home.
~ Alison Appel

Donation in honor of Bob Costello.
~ Catherine Costello

To our furry sweet neighbor and Ginger's first crush, Spaulding...we all miss you!
~ Vince Thomas

In memory of Rusty
~ Sheri Garay

In loving memory of Miles
~ Connie Minsky

In memory of Lucky
~ Sheila Kolby

In memory of my horse Labyrinth
~ Megan Lewis

In memory of Debra Vodden, a dedicated volunteer

~ David Pingree
~ Stephanie Darcy
~ Janis Cherry
~ Joan Bonagan
~ Veronica Wolff
~ Esther Erman

In memory of Angel
~ Toastin Labradors

In memory of Macy, the Sweetest lab in San Jose
~ Cheryl Levinson

In honor of Carley and Valerie Guthrie of Pebble Beach
~ Nancy Graydon

In loving memory of Coco - an amazing, wonderful Lab
~ Judith Anne Sana

In honor of Lucca
~ Janis Cherry

For finding my best friend a new home with an amazing family! Thank you to Silvia and Mike!!
~ Khrysta Lowe

In memory of Stella, a chocolate lab that loved to swim and play wherever she was, but in her final years she could be found playing near the Golden Gate Bridge and Alamo Square. She was a special part of the lives of my friends Trini and Kris. Stella will be missed. Much love, Carrie.
~ Carrie Datuliak

In memory of Gioia
~ Audrey & Gina Tomaselli

In honor of Olive Moselle
~ Julie & Garbage Wikete

In honor of Paul and Shelley Stokstad
~ Barbara Harmon

In loving memory of our friend, David Swenson
~ Mary Holte

In honor of Allison
~ Donna Batson

In loving memory of Lyra, the perfect black lab. A rescue from ARF and best pal to our GGLRR lab, Toby. Thank you GGLRR for helping us find a friend for Lyra for her last couple of years. Keep up the great service.
~ The James Family

From the family - Zoey's litter
~ Christine & Victor Cucina

In memory of Rusty
~ Jackie & Bob Smith

In loving memory of Phyllis Nelson
~ Jean & Mac McLemore

In honor of Rory DeVore on her first birthday.
~ Kristen & Andrew Chavez

In memory of Kevin Ryan
~ Philip Gara & Karen Jolliffe

In honor of Tasha - thank you for a wonderful friend.
~ Bruce Shue

In the name of Rory DeVore
~ Laurie Reisinger

In honor of Georgia Wright for her birthday.
~ Elizabeth Wright

Happy Birthday to my brother, Tony Hightower
~ Sheila Hightower

In memory of Java Bean
~ Richard Muller & Karen Kroslowitz

In honor of Jack
~ Jan Leavitt

In memory of Annie
~ Barbara & Larry Lange

In memory of Dodsworth
~ Judy Levin

In memory of Larry Wood, who cherished his lab, Bogart
~ Robert Schuster
~ Charles & Carol Spann
~ Erno & Tina Klaassen
~ Jane & Jack Larsh
~ S & C Holt
~ Kiyoko Uyehata
~ Jeff, Will & Jon Hamada, Jane Hamada, Jay Shinseki
~ From the students in Mrs. Wood's class in memory of Larry Wood
~ Mary Harvel
~ Carol & Scott Deacon
~ Justin & Justyna Yung
~ S. Tinkler
~ Janis Coffey
~ Ellen Douglas
~ James & Joan Munson
~ Roxanne K. Heinrich-Jones
~ Joyce Williams
~ H.L. & B.D. Dixon
~ John & Janet Doherty

In memory of our Dear friend Larry Wood whom shared with us his love for his companion Bogart.
~ Your SJC TSA Friends

In loving memory of Honey
~ Ramona King

In honor of Brody
~ Karen deMoor

In loving memory for my two boys, Hunter and Henry, adopted from GGLRR
~ Janet Mar

In memory of Miss Pepper
~ Tracy Jacobs

In honor of Coda - Labs Rule!
~ David Reedy

To celebrate the entire organization and crew that saved the Utah Six who are about to celebrate their third birthdays. Milo, aka Rascal, has become not just a treasured service animal and member of the family, he is a constant ambassador for GGLRR. Whenever he meets someone who needs a Lab, he lets them know where to look. Thanks to all.
~ Mike Dunlap

In honor of Rosie and Rusty
~ Michele Moyer

in honor of "Moogie" who we adopted 2.5 years ago ( previous name was Eliza.) She is now a Canine Good Citizen and in advanced obdience at San Bruno Dog Obdience Schhol. She is a happy happy girl and we thank you for allowing us to be her caretakers.
~ Tracy Harcourt and Ed Chejlava

In honor of Zoe
~ Jay Cabral

In honor of Sadie & Ben
~ Laura & David Coe

In honor of Junior and Lulu Long
~ The Long Foundation

Happy Birthday to Alexandra & Olivia!
~ Paul & Jane Taylor
~ Albert Pisani
~ Paul Siri & Catherine Christensen
~ Jeffrey Pierce & P. Lynn Blandford Pierce
~ Rich Marinaccio

In honor of Sheba
~ Joan Palecek

In memory of Bertie
~ Harriet & Bruce Newell

In memory of Skippy, Cody & Max
~ Lisa Barclay

In memory of Buster
~ Scot & Julie Reid

In honor of & memory of Bob Backovich & Speaker & Allie
~ Melanie Backovich

In memory of Donner & Cuncan Allen
~ Jennifer & Fred Schuler

In memory of Bailey & in honor of Lucy
~ Chuck & Sherry Shepardson

Merry Christmas, Ryan Henry!! I love you more than you know. I combined our love for San Fran and dogs for this years donation in your name.
~ Christopher Blair

On behalf of Janet Peacock.
~ Laura Best

In honor of Gretta & Daisy.
~ Allan Kass

In honor of my wonderful lab Sammy. Adopted from GGLRR in January, '08 - one of the best dogs I've ever owned. Thank you again for a wonderful gift of precious and wonderful doggy love.
~ Sherri Wagner

On behalf of Rusty, Karen & Nelson Whipple.
~ Dawn Warriner

On behalf of Judy & Leon Kreger and their 5 labs.
~ Kenneth Snyder

In memory of Sunny, Grace & Great Gumbo.
~ Gary Orkin & Martha Ramey

In honor of Keylo.
~ Patricia Dorn

In memory of Ali.
~ Bill & Nancy Archibald

In memory of Cody.
~ Patricia & Caprice Elias

In honor of Truman & Buffy.
~ David & Jennifer Banks

In honor of Lucky.
~ Tognazzini's Dockside Restaurant & Fish Market, Morro Bay

In memory of William Walsh.
~ Laura Lewers

In honor of Valerie Smith.
~ Bob Smith

In memory of Betty Adams.
~ Lorraine Adams
~ Lorraine Smith
~ James & Darlene Moreda
~ Richard & Kathlyn Ronsheimer
~ Janis Cherry
~ Liz Frome

In honor of our three loving labs - Marich, Buddy & Anduille.
~ Bruce & Joanne Colombo Crist

In memory of Kassie & Molly.
~ Laurie Morris

In honor of Liz & Jim Barnes - thanks for all the great work.
~ Mary Barnes

In honor of Jake.
~ Phil & Stephanie Carter

In honor of Butters.
~ Kathleen Lalonde

In memory of Yosemite Sammy.
~ Jane Hammond

In honor of Debra Vodden - wishes for her good health!.
~ Janis Cherry

In memory of Mary Anne Bube.
~ Elaine Bowers

In memory of Fenway, chocolate lab well known in his neighborhood for his friendliness and happy wag.
~ Donna, Princess, Meaghan, Sophie, Penny & Lola Hagerty

In memory of our two GGLRR adoptions, Mr. Hank (1997?-2011) and Stormy (1994-2006)
~ Douglas Tally

Celebrating the wedding of Dave and Inga King
~ Richard Tranquilli
~ John Long
~ Katie and Gary Guilliat
~ Elizabeth Dietrich
~ James & Mary Booth

For Smiley Orlando
~ Sandra Orlando

For Olivia & Alexandra Siri
~ Rich Marinaccio

In loving memory of Gracie. Thank you for blessing us with you presence.
~ Chris Mattenberger

In memory of Lily, loved for 13 years by Karrie & Bonnie.
~ M. E. Lamb

In memory of Mr. Rhone who came to us via San Francisco Animal Care and Control. You brought us 10 years of complete and total love. We know that you are running and playing like crazy now. We miss you sweet boy, now and forever. Wait for us by the bridge!
~ Your dads Chris & Ariel

In memory of Handsomebeau Cunningham
Owner by Nora Cunningham
~ Sandy Faria

In memory of Rocky
~ Delores Derr

For my friend Ruby - come back and visit
~ Winnie Baird

For my good friends Amy and Nina
~ Peter Adams

For Brody
~ Joan Bonagan

For Lily's Birthday, Love, Emma
~ Stephanie Loller

For Lily Valdez in memory of Kona & Roxy
~ Jon Corbett

In honor of Kona & Roxy
~ Heather Haney

In memory of Woody - sweet, loveable chocolate lab adopted by the Gilmans from GGLRR as a puppy 5 years ago
~ Neal Phillips

In memory of my beautiful Bella who passed away in February
~ Fiona Asple

In memory of Whitney
~ Sally Nordlund

In honor of Marlene and Clifford for generously fostering
~ Anita Vidak

In memory of Tracy Doten
~ Chi Ying Lan

In loving memory of Remy Kwon. No stick too big, no ball left behind. You will always be missed. Love, Stefan and Lilia (and the Kwons)
~ Lilia Fulton and Stefan Hura

In loving memory of Tanner, a great big brown ball of joy
~ Adopted and loved by Jo and Jake Stratton.

In memory of Luke. 2001-2011
~ With Love, Maggie, Laurie, Kenzie & Cassie

In honor of Zoe, the most beautiful yellow lab that touched so many lives. Read our story
~ Anne & Andrew Branagh

Congratulations on your wedding David & Dinah and thank you for having your guests make contributions to a rescue.
~ Philip Gara & Karen Jolliffe

In loving memory of Tug. In her too-short life she brought joy to family and friends.
~ Barbara

Memorial in honor of Riley with sympathies to the Hansen/Duran Family
~ From Michael & Brad

In memory of Bertie
~ Bruce & Harriett

In honor of Anna and Jenn. Congratulations on your wedding!!
~ Love, Matthew, Molly and Isabel

In support of Tom. In memory of Obie.
~ Louise

In memory of our beloved Brandy, who made each day brighter and taught us the real meaning of love and loyalty.
~ Hazel

In memory of my sweet Gilda. I wish we'd had 14 years instead of 14 months, but I treasured each day. Everyone should consider adopting an older dog, the rewards are great.
~Janis Cherry

In honor of my dear friend Janis, and in memory of her beloved black Lab Gilda.
~ Roni

In memory of sweet Gilda, adopted by my sister, Janis, from GGLRR. She was a very special dog, and Janis loved her very much. Thanks for your wonderful work in saving so many dogs.
~ Amy

In memory of Laurie Friedman who loved all dogs and who opened her heart and home to any who needed her. We are sure you are surrounded with all the love you deserve, Laurie.
We will miss you.
~ Michael, Karen, Sierra and Auggie

In Maxwell's memory, in gratitude for GGLRR's efforts on his behalf. He was a special boy who enjoyed life to the fullest!
~ Erik & Kelly

In memory of Robert Hooper -- a true friend to Labradors.
~ From many friends and family

Our beloved Sophie (1996-2011) -- never to be forgotten.
~ Kathleen

In memory of Bob Hooper
~ Janis

In loving memory of Hearty. He was the bravest boy in the world.
~ Jaime

In memory of Scout, beloved dog of the Pfeifer family.
~ Lauren

In memory of Logan. This donation is in honor of him and to tell others that rescuing a pet is such an incredible opportunity to gain a member of the family while also saving a pet.
~ Anissa

In loving memory of our Cody-boy. We miss every minute of the day. He crossed the rainbow and is romping, swimming and playing.
~ Love, Mama, Papa, Murphy, Sam, Charlotte and Simone

In honor of Judy Kreger's birthday.
~ Ken

Our dear sweet girl Daisy, the love of our life.
We miss you every day.
~ Love, Mom & Dad

In memory of Duke
~ Liz

In loving memory of Lila Diamond
~ From her friends at NED

In loving memory of Riley. Gentle and sweet, we will miss you.
~ Nicole, Amy, Parker, Alex and Kicker

In Loving Memory of Frank.
~ Victor

In memory of Lila Diamond, of Beverly Hills California, who was passionate about Labs.
~ Alice

In memory of Jackson who we were glad to have live out his final weeks in a loving foster home instead of the shelter.
~ Liz & Martha

In Loving Memory of Sweet Bella.
You will live in our hearts forever.
~ Mona, Jenna and Molly

As a tribute to Sue Moulthrop who will be missed by her 4-legged and 2-legged family.
~ With love, Aunt Milley, Uncle Bob, Pete and Jean

To the Sorensens, for taking such good care of me when I was sick
~ Katrina

Remembering Toby who loved to bound down the trail, as happy as a dog could be.
~ Barbara and Liz

In loving memory to Metta. We love you always.
~ Michele, Yuki, An-An and Althea

Given in tribute to Sue Moulthrop who loved her labs and who is now with her "Angel" dog
~ Kathleen

In loving memory of Nike. You will be dearly missed.
~ Brian & Nicole Mason

In memory of Champ
~ Joan & Brad

In memory of Smokey Domin
~ With love from the Harvey's

In memory of Annie who crossed the rainbow bridge too soon after finding a loving home with Linda

In memory of Molly Foster Loved by the Foster Family.
~ From G-Ma and Len

In memory of Emily (yellow Lab). Thanks to Matt & Amie for giving her a loving, caring home that allowed her to live 2 years longer than expected despite the cancer!

In Loving Memory of Tucker who was the love of our life. You are missed every day Sweet Tucker!
~ Emily, Christopher, Caroline, Louise and Annabel

In loving memory of Paris. Friend to all two-legged and four-legged creatures (except cats, not so much).
~ John

In memory of Casey Crocker... our sweet girl, always in our hearts.
~ Jack

~ Carol and Lewis Shaw

In honor of Laci and Jasper (our lab rescue black labs) and in memory of Duchess and Dixie, the sweetest rescued labs one could ever know....
~ Ken

In loving memory of our beautiful, sweet, lovable lab Daisy Mae
~ Philip, Kimberli & Bayley

From Zoe to honor Daisy Mae!
~ Tricia

In memory of Den, Bear, Sheppie, and Roscoe
~ Terry

In memory of Brody
~ Karen

In memory of Sport and all of his wonderful friends who met him at the Rainbow Bridge.
~ Carolyn

Congratulations & best wishes Suzanne & Mark as you begin your new life together!
~ From Lyle & Susan Sandlin

In honor of Abby. She came into our lives almost 12 years ago thanks to GGLR and has been a constant joy.
~ Liz & Bob

Donation made in honor of Tony Hightower
~ Christine

In honor of Jennifer Kyriakakis. Merry Christmas.
~ Mary

MERRY CHRISTMAS, BRIGID!!!! This loving donation is a gift in honor of Brigid Walsh.
~ Renato

In Memory of Sunny Huish
~ Amy

In loving memory of our beloved granddog, Riley.
~ Grandma Ruth & Grandpa Bill

In loving memory of Bayley Parker-Rogers. He was a sweet, precious boy.
~ Sammye & Tumi Walton

In memory of Muskwa. She is dearly missed
~ Carolyn

In memory of Cooky. Beloved friend.... May all be loved...
~ Alex

In memory of Sophie
~ Roberta

In loving memory of Rudy, my sweet, smart and strong dog, to help with Shadow's surgery.
~ Lena G

In memory of Axel Foley to help pay for Shadow's eye surgery.
~ Debra

In memory of Holly. We loved you and will miss you very much.
~ Love, Aidan and Kelly

In memory of Lucy Richman
~ Misty, Kevin, Lindsay and Rosie will miss you very very much!!

In memory of Miles, dearly loved by Nancy and Mike for so many wonderful years. He is now in heaven playing with Mac and Max.
~ From Rich and Jo

In memory of Cody, charming and beloved member of the Frazier family in Oakland
~ Molly

Happy 7th Birthday to Maya!
~ Aidan & Erin; Bailey & Dylan; Toby & Kim; Jennifer; Uma; Nadia; Sharon; Harjeet; Julieta; Alchemy Hair Studio; Jim, Jessica & Crosby; Avni, Geeta Auntie, Jeet Uncle

In honor of Robley, a wonderful son and a wonderful person.
~ Much love, autumn

In loving memory of Duke who touched so many lives.
~ To Jay and Donna, Love, Mom

In memory of Audrey, who brought such happiness into my life.
~ Paul

In loving memory of Tazzie Patterson who is once again playing with the kong in the lake with her sister Kodi.
~ Love, Lisa, Tony, Chaucer, Molly and Bailey

In memory of Callie. Owned by the Connell Family
~ From Mona

In memory of Abbie

In memory of my beloved Kolya and in honor of Gilda
~ From Janis

In honor of Wendy's 50th birthday.
~ From Diane

Birthday wishes to Wendy
~ From Darrell & Karen, and Sylvana

To Anna with love this Mother's Day! We love you and all the doggers :)
~ With lots of love, Jenny and Lissy xo

In memory of Einstein. Owned by Jim & Liz
~ From Sylvia