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Volunteer Ideas for Young People

For liability reasons, GGLRR volunteers must be at least 18 years of age though kids are welcome to help their volunteer parents through efforts like fostering. Young people can also help Labs in various creative ways such as fundraising or raising awareness of the need for animal rescue with their friends and classmates. Kids can help by collecting donations for pet care supply gift baskets for foster families or new adopters.

Lab Rescue volunteers have been very impressed with the generosity of our youngest supporters who love their rescued Labs! Such as the three big-hearted Campbell boys who love Zoey for her inner beauty merely calling her genetic jaw defect a "crooked smile". They saved their allowance money for 4 months after adopting Zoey in November 2010 and chose to donate it to GGLRR to "help dogs get surgery and buy food".

And other amazing young people including Alexandra and Olivia who selflessly decided to raise funds for GGLRR at their 9th birthday party in December 2009, and even got a friend to adopt a rescued Lab! 

In Spring 2010, we were thrilled to hear that the student council at Esther B. Clark school in Palo Alto decided to donate their walk-a-thon fundraiser proceeds to GGLRR! About 60 students participated, and they got to meet one of our volunteer's two rescued Labs while hearing about the good work the GGLRR does to help homeless Labs.

In August 2010, little miss Maya decided to forgo her 7th birthday presents and ask for Lab Rescue donations instead. And in September, our youngest supporter, 6 year old Marina, asked for donations for Labs-in-need instead of birthday gifts for herself.

GGLRR welcomes all donations big or small. A donation received from Stella in May, 2013 expresses her gratitude for GGLRR.

We hope these young people have inspired you -- they sure have inspired all of us who volunteer for Lab Rescue!  And we're making sure to use their generous donations to save as many Labs as possible!

Maya's 7th Birthday: August 2010

Maya is turning 7, and do you know what this special little girl asked for her birthday? Nothing for herself! Instead, she wants to help those less fortunate than herself - particularly homeless Labs!

Maya knows the joy that rescued Labs can bring to people's lives and wants to help save more of them from the shelters to find loving homes like her Labs did: Gracie Goose (the black Lab mix on top in the photo below) and Scooby Doo (the crazy little chocolate Lab).

If you would like to help Maya's selfless birthday wish come true, just donate to GGLRR and designate your gift in honor of Maya. Maya will be sent a list of donors along with any birthday message you want to include in the "special instructions" as shown below.

Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue is so proud of Maya, and will make sure all of her birthday donations go to helping Labs! We are an all-volunteer organization with no offices/overhead, and place about 300-400 Labs a year thanks to supporters like Maya and her family.

Alexandra & Olivia's 9th Birthday: December 2009

Two of our young supporters raised money for Lab Rescue by asking for donations instead of birthday presents from friends and family! The selfless generosity of these sisters not only raised needed funds for GGLRR but also resulted in another Lab adoption!

We are very thankful and inspired by their generosity and hope others will be inspired as well. All the Labs and volunteers at GGLRR would like to send a special thanks to Alexandra and Olivia and share their story and a few of the photos from their party.

In May 2009, a wonderful family (Cathy, Paul, and their twin daughters Alexandra and Olivia) adopted Jackson from GGLRR, an approximately 1 1/2 year old yellow Lab who they just adore. Jackson has become a happy member of their family. Alexandra and Olivia celebrated their 9th birthday in November 2009, and independently came up with the idea for their birthday party---a fundraiser for GGLRR complete with Jackson in attendance and Lab related decorations and more. In lieu of gifts, the girls asked everyone who attended to make a donation to GGLRR, and raised $480 at their birthday party!

In addition to the money raised, one of the boys at the party was so excited about Lab Rescue that his family also adopted a dog from GGLRR. Here is the letter from the boy's mother to the twins' mother which sums this up better than we could:

I've been meaning to e-mail you to let you know that you and your family had a major impact on our family! After seeing your beautiful lab from the rescue and talking to you about how mellow and wonderful he was, last week we decided against getting a puppy and instead rescued a yellow lab from Golden Gate Lab Rescue. He is about 2 years old and the sweetest dog in the world. We absolutely love him!

On a personal note, I am enjoying having a dog who is not peeing all over the house and chewing everything in sight. Please thank the girls for making us aware of the rescue organization!

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