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Video: Abby Leash Walk With The Diesel

Abby 8-year-old female Lab mix 75 lb Spayed

Background: Following the death of Abby’s owner, her owner’s in-laws realized that they would not be able to keep Abby (and his other two dogs)… and they reached out to us for help finding Abby a new forever home. While with her former owner, Abby did not get out much and was not socialized much with people and other dogs. She’d never been to a park before and was lacking other worldly experiences and exposure. 

What Abby's Current Caretaker Says:Abby has spent time with adults and teenagers, and dogs and cats – getting along with everyone. She is friendly, happy and pretty low-key. Abby is house-broken but not crate-trained. She spends most of the day in our home in the family room and sleeps at night on a bed of blankets in our fireplace along with another dog. Abby has not gotten a lot of exercise. Abby has lived with another dog with his former owner, and has been hanging around my smaller dogs just fine. She lived with a cat until about 3 years go. She favors her right rear leg at times.

What Abby's Rescue Rep Says: I met Abby at a large park with lots of green open spaces and Abby was like, “Holy cow, this is overwhelming. I’ve never been to such a place before.” Abby is friendly but under-socialized. She was not really interested in engaging me, but rather stuck close to her current caretakers. Abby did fine with my own dog Diesel – didn’t really care about him. Not used to walking on leash, but not a big puller. No interest in toys or balls – I sense she was just never exposed to or encouraged to play or romp. Would love to find Abby an adopter that can enable Abby to experience the wonderful world around her. An existing dog to show Abby how to be a dog might be great. Will probably be fine in a home with cats. Probably not ideal for family with children given her lack of history with little humans.

Medical: Abby appears to be in good health, albeit ~10 pounds overweight. She is current on shots, spayed, heartworm negative, and microchipped. We took her to our vet for a thorough exam. Her blood panel results looked “pristine” (vet’s word). The vet examined Abby’s right rear leg for possible CCL issues. The vet found mild arthritis in her spine and right knee. Vet felt that Abby had a mild partially torn right CCL that was causing her occasional favoring of that leg. She also thinks there might be some torn/loose tissue in her meniscus. Vet did not believe that is raised to the level of requiring TPLO surgery at this point. Vet did recommend that Abby lose weight to reduce stress on her legs, take joint supplements, and be limited to moderate exercise.

Located in: Danville

If you are interested in adopting Abby, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at 

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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