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ADMIRAL (now Buddy): 10 year old male chocolate Lab 70 lbs, neutered

Background:Admiral’s owner was getting older and was having trouble physically caring for him. Admiral has been around adults and seniors. He spends most of his time outdoors and sleeps in a doghouse at night. Although he has been an outdoor dog, whenever he goes into the house, he has not have any accidents. He is a smart boy who really wants to please. He is a playful and friendly dog who has some training. He barks when excited and at strangers. He likes to play fetch and to play with other dogs. He has never shown any form of aggression.

What Admiral's Foster Says: Sweet, sweet boy just looking for love and attention. Admiral (now Buddy) assimilated into our pack very quickly. We have a 14 year old Lab and a four-month-old puppy. Buddy gets along great with both dogs. He loves to play with the puppy and knows how to play gently, even rolling on his back and letting the puppy play. Buddy and the puppy play a lot during the day. He doesn’t bark but does whine with excitement. He jumps on people and tries to put his paws on them to greet them, but we are working on that. He is much better and learning that this behavior is not acceptable. Once he calms down, he is fine. Buddy is allowed in our home and only had a few accidents in the house the first few weeks. We have recently realized that he marks his territory around his food bowl during meal times. We have adjusted our feeding routine and watch him closely and the marking has almost completely stopped. We are working with him on his leash manners and he is doing great. When he gets excited and starts to pull, he corrects quickly. Buddy is also great with kids. We have had our three nephews here between the ages of 8–12 and he did great with them. He sleeps through the night in his bed in our living room. He also loves to follow me around the kitchen while I am cooking and singing. He is just a happy boy learning how to receive love and be part of a lucky loving pack.

Admiral is a spry 10 year old chocolate lab with green eyes looking to find a home that can show him the life a dog deserves in his golden years. He likes to greet people with a “hug” using his front two paws on your shoulder. This seems to be a learned behavior and how he copes with situations he is unfamiliar with. The owner did say he got Admiral from a breeder, and he definitely looks and behaves like a pure Lab. Admiral was happy and excited to meet me. When we walked away from his owner he cried and pulled. When we walked away from his owner he cried and pulled. Admiral will need to be reminded how to walk on a leash. When prompted, he sometimes corrected his pulling on leash. He was very out of sorts on our walk since he hasn’t gotten out of his backyard much over the last few years. When other dogs walked by we had to move over as he actively cried and barked wanting to play . When I sat down and ignored him, he tried to get on my lap. Admiral let me touch him all over, ears, paws and hips. Admiral would do best in a home with an experienced lab owner, one that can take the time to work with him on a leash and teach him house manners. Like all Labs he is eager to please but is just used to being outside all the time. Who can help this young at heart Lab live his best life?

Medical: Admiral is up-to-date on his vaccinations. He got a clean bill of health from a GGLRR vet and is heartworm negative. He is on a heartworm and flea/tick prevention. The vet did find crystals in his urine and he is currently on a prescription diet to clear that up. If it clears up he will no longer have to be on a prescription diet.

Located in: Santa Cruz

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