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Video: Apollo loves his squeaky ball.

Video: Apollo meets male black lab "Bosun".

Video: Leash walk with Apollo.

Video: Apollo taking a treat.

Video: Apollo meeting a boisterous husky.

Apollo -- 2-year-old male yellow Lab 95-lbs Not yet neutered

Background: Apollo's loving family just doesn't have enough time to fully care for him. They've had him for about five months, but feel he needs to go to a home where he can be the center of attention, provided lots of exercise, and be provided an opportunity to thrive. Currently, Apollo's spends all of his time in his backyard. He may have been allowed indoors at his first home with another dog. He gets walked once or twice a week, but is otherwise kept in the backyard. There is a 3-yr-old toddler and a 7-year-old child in his current home, and Apollo is deferential to them outside but he is not allowed in the house as he has too much energy for small kids and tends to bowl them over. The family also has a 3-month-old female black lab puppy in the house that gets along with Apollo, if allowed out on the yard.

What Apollo's Evaluator Says: Apollo is a strong young dog with lots of pent-up energy. A bit jumpy and enthusiastic when you meet him, he is an otherwise very social and a friendly dog. He does know "sit" and takes treats nicely. Apollo is likely a good retriever and was very excited about the squeaky ball. No signs of digging in the yard, but he may chew things up and bark/whine if left alone. Doesn’t appear to have any real training. He will need to learn basic commands and leash manners. Apollo rides well in the car with a tie down! He is undersocialized with other dogs but was excited and friendly with other dogs he met at the park. He will likely want to mount other dogs and need to learn the ropes with other dogs. Seems to be in fine health. Needs to be neutered. Definitely needs a home with a strong handler ready to train him, get the pulling under control and give him lots of exercise. A nice dog!

What Apollo's Rescue Rep Says: A lot of dog. But great potential in the right capable hands. Not for the faint of heart, for folks unsteady on their feet, or for families with children under ~10. Will need some dedicated training for walking on a leash. We want to get him into a home where the people are around alot so Apollo won't be left along for long periods of time. Apollo needs to re-learn what living inside a home is all about. May not yet be fully housebroken. No idea how he would be with cats, but Apollo could be fine with another dog in the home.

What Apollo's Foster Says: He is settling into the house well. I think he has been indoors before he got exiled to the backyard. No more marking and no accidents inside. He slept by our bed last night. While he slept in the crate the first few nights, he seems pretty calm and not interested in mischief, so I felt it was not a big issue for him. I would crate him if leaving alone as he may have separation anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, if not supervised and given clear direction he could take over, but he is pretty obedient to commands thus far. He is interested in pets and belly rubs and could get demanding about that so I am being careful not to overindulge him. He is a bit starved of interaction from both humans and other animals. He is pretty typical precocious two-year-old. Enjoys 1.5 to 2 miles walk at the Albany bulb in the morning. Retrieving ball in the yard on and off in the afternoon (he lacks our own dog Bosun’s stamina, so he gets winded/overheated quickly) and another similarly long walk on leash at the end of the day or extended ball time and he settles down for the night inside. Will be easier to manage if/when he has recall and can be off the lead. Pulls a lot but it is better each day. He is quite a nice dog.

Medical: Appears to be in great health. Needs to be neutered. Warrants a vet visit for wellness exam, vaccinations, microchipping and heartworm test.

Located In: San Pablo. Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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