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Bear -- Male black Lab, 8-years-old 69 lbs Neutered

Background: An awful situation… Bear’s owner died in the home but was not discovered for at least a month until police conducted a welfare check. There was another black lab deceased by the front door when the police arrived. Bear was alive but barely able to stand or walk. He would drink water but regurgitate immediately. Bear was taken to Sage Veterinary Specialists and then transferred to the local shelter. Geesh! Somehow Bear made it through the experience and arrived at the shelter having lost some weight but otherwise healthy. We found him to be a delightful dog, friendly with all humans and other dogs. Bear is one lucky dog! We’re thrilled to have him in our Lab Rescue program and will find him an absolutely fabulous forever home.

What Bear's Foster Says: Bear is a big love bug! He is well behaved and knows basic commands. I have not seen any issues with food or toy possessiveness. He is good with other dogs and is definitely social. He appears to be good with children too. Bear loves the outdoors and will romp and play like a pup, only not for nearly as long. He is happy to hang out and be by your side. He is definitely a people dog. Bear would be great with people that are around a lot. He likes to go for car rides and is happy to accompany you as you run errands. He has been great to foster.

What Bear's Rescue Rep Says: Bear is bouncing back wonderfully from his harrowing experience. He deserves a great home where he is the center of attention. We are not sure how Bear would be with cats.

Medical: Bear is a bit underweight. He is current on distemper vax, neutered, and microchipped. Bear is also heartworm negative. He is dealing with septic arthritis in one of his legs for which he is on an antibiotic regimen.

Located in: Rohnert Park. Please note our service area:GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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