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Bella: 1½ Year Old Black Labrador/Golden Retriever Mix 60 pounds

Background: Bella’s mom came to Golden Gate Lab Rescue after she gave birth to her puppies on day two!. GGLRR raised Lucy’s puppies and Bella was one of them; 6 girls and 1 boy! Mom – Lucy is a red Golden Retriever and dad is a chocolate lab.

What Bella's Current Owner Says: Bella was taken into the dogs for diabetics program and she has been fully trained but she is not making it in the final stages for a service dog. What dogs for diabetics has to say about Bella: Bella is on the higher energy side and takes time to settle in the home. Bella is sensitive to body handling and touch--she required a higher level of care and management to desensitize her to the grooming tools. She has shown to be reactive to body handling and when reached for, she will often back up and mouth the hands or slap the handler's hand with her paw. During her recent evaluation, we worked on cooperative care and teaching her to offer a chin rest for handling her head. With focused work on cooperation, she was able to relax and allow some handling of her ears to take place. Due to her reaction to being handled, she is not safe to be placed as an agency dog where she would be expected to greet and allow petting from people of all ages.

What Bella's Rescue Rep Says: Bella is a fully trained dog and can be placed in a home with other dogs. We are not sure about cats. She loves to play, go for care rides and loves to be out in public. Bella should be placed in a home with older kids as at times she can be shy when being handled around her ears or with grooming tools. She loves to go for walks, loves to play with toys and is one Happy girl. She has no medical issues, fully house and crate trained and will make a wonderful home for the right adopter. We want an adopter that understands regular exercise and continued training. We think Bella would love to swim; all of her siblings love the water and are very good natured dogs!

Medical: Bella has no health issues. She is spayed, current on her shots, microchipped and on regular flea and tick medicine.

Located In: Pleasant Hill Please note our service area: GGLRR serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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