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KISSES 10-Year-old Chocolate Female Spayed 85 Pounds

BENELLI 12-Year-Old Black Lab / Boxer Mix Male Neutered 58 Pounds

Background:Kisses and Benelli were owned by the same owner for their entire lives. They have been together and re very bonded with each other. The dog’s owner left them with an older relative and was supposed to come back for them but 4 years later they were still left in the backyard with not much attention. The owner’s girlfriend called Lab Rescue to see if we could help get the dogs in a better situation. The older couple was not able to walk the dogs; they did feed them daily and relatives would come over to give the dogs attention. Lab Rescue went and evaluated the dogs and got them in a foster home.

What Their Foster Says:These two are the sweetest dogs and they just love to be with people! They seem to love all other dogs and have not had any issues. Kisses took a day to warm up to the new foster mom and Benelli is just one BIG love. He loves to carry around his toys and bring them to you. They are completely house trained, have not had any issues in the home other than a little counter surfing. They have great manners and do not jump up on you; they are fine if you take any toys or food away from them and they just love to hand around on their new comfy dog beds. They love hanging out with the foster mom in the yard and has proved her with great company. They are great in the car and seem to enjoy going for a nice car ride. They do not require much and will give back to you more than the need!

What Their Rescue Rep Says: Both dogs are a real joy to have around. They are very easy going and have adjusted to all the change with ease. They were owned by the previous owner since they were puppies, and both were trained for bird hunting. Kisses still have good energy, and she just loves to try and curl up in your lap. She loves the water, car rides and a nice comfy bed. Both dogs are great with kids, were raised with a cat but it has been a while since they have been around cats, they both would probably chase chickens and would be fine with other dogs in the home. They have not been walked on a leash recently, but both will listen to what you have to say and would just need a refresher with their leash skills. They both are fine with bath time, fine if you trim their nails and love to be brushed. These two dogs have excellent manners and have such easy-going personalities and GGLRR would love to find them their last forever home. We would like to keep them together as they are attached and have been with each other for many years. (For the last 4 years they just had each other for attention.)

Medical: Both dogs have had a full medial profile done. GGLRR updated them on their shots, got them microchipped, did full blood panels on them, checked for heartworm – it was negative, we did ultrasounds of their bellies – everything was fine and got them a full grooming. Both need more regular exercise and Kisses can lose a few pounds. The vet put Benelli on some anti-inflammatory medication to help him with some stiffness. These two dogs are in Great shape for their age.

Located in: Petaluma

If you are interested in adopting these two sweet dogs - Kisses and Benelli, please contact Rescue Rep Liz at

Please note our service area:GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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