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BENNY: 1.5 year old Purebred male yellow Lab, not yet neutered ~100 lbs

Background: Benny was purchased as a puppy from a breeder solely to use as a stud dog to get a litter of puppies to sell. He has been kept as an outside dog 24 hours/day since he was a puppy. The original owner gave him to his neighbor three months ago. The neighbor loves Benny and wants the best for him and feels he would have a better life than what she can give him so she called GGLRR to rehome him.

What Benny's Trainer Says: Benny is currently in a board and train. When he first arrived he was nervous coming indoors as all he knew was living outdoor. He came to us not housebroken or crate trained and was marking everywhere. He is now sleeping inside in a crate and keeping it clean. He was apprehensive at first but now he’s comfortable sleeping on his dog bed.

He is not marking in the house and actually likes going straight to his bed now. Even in the yard he is not marking as much. He has been fine with men, just submissive when greeting them as he approaches with licks and seeks interaction with men. Benny is not much of a barker.

What Benny's Rescue Rep Says: Benny is a very large handsome Lab and is on the quiet side. He seems a little tentative meeting people but then warms up fairly quickly and shows no signs of aggression. He was living with two little dogs, one of which would bite at his legs and eat out of his bowl and sweet Benny didn’t do anything. We met at a park with a playground and a little dog park and he just looked at the little kids running by, as well as the many dogs going by and he was fine.

When we evaled Benny, he was fine being touched all over, even opening his mouth and looking at his pearly whites! He has a gentle mouth taking treats. He gets excited when a ball is present as he likes to fetch. No toddlers/young kids in the home as he could inadvertently knock them over and no cats in the home please.

Medical:Benny will be seeing a Vet for a health exam, Heartworm test, vaccinations, neutering and microchip.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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