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Bruce: 5-year-old male black Lab 100-lbs Neutered

Background: Big Bruce has been with a wonderful family for a little over a year after they got him via Craigs List. But Bruce has developed separation anxiety when the man in the house is not at home. They are terribly sad, but the family feels Bruce deserves another forever home where he will be less stressed and anxious.

What Bruce’s owner says: Bruce gets very anxious when dad Ryan is not home. Bruce paces, pants, and will not settle. Complete opposite when Ryan is home. Bruce is very laid back, very mellow, and easy going -- when Ryan is around. He (Bruce) is house-broken. Bruce spends most of the day and the evening in the house, but has a dog door to go out into the yard on his. He has been alone very little [and that has likely contributed to his separation anxiety]. We’ve provide very basic obedience training to Bruce: “sit”, “come”, “stay”, “leave it”, etc. We walk Bruce often, and he likes to run alongside the bike that Ryan is riding. He is great with other dogs, and gets out 3-4 times per week to play with other dogs. We have another dog at home, and Bruce loves to play with other dogs at the dog park. We have allowed Bruce to get up on our couch, but he sleep on our bedroom floor on his dog bed. He enjoys riding in the car and likes to swim. Bruce will chase a cat if allowed, but, if he is on leash, he will “leave it” if told to. He loves chasing lizards.

What Bruce’s Rescue Rep says: What a great dog! Except for the separation anxiety, Bruce is fabulous. Great with all people and all other dogs. Very easy to walk on leash. Would do great in a home with another dog. His adopter needs to be prepared to work with Bruce on resolving his separation anxiety.

Medical: Bruce is in fine health. Current on vaccinations, microchipped, and neutered. Bruce is currently taking doggie Prozac to reduce his separation anxiety.

Bruce is currently located in: Oakley.

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