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Bryant: 4-Year Old Male Black Lab, 75 lbs, Neutered

Background and What Family Says: Bryant was acquired from a breeder when he was a puppy during the pandemic. Bryant's human brother, who has special needs, now needs a considerable amount of extra time and specific care. As a result, Bryant is crated in the home 10-12 hours/day with his primary exercise done in the backyard in the evenings.

We would like to find a better home for Bryant. He is a great dog, but given our family's current situation, it's becoming more difficult to provide the home that would ultimately be best for him. He really needs a home that has a fenced in yard and family that will give him the attention he deserves. He is a cuddler and loves to lay next to you. A great companion dog who loves to be active on occasion as well as relax and enjoy the company of his owner.

He has not had much socialization with other dogs but has done well with encountering other dogs during walks. He is good on a leash but would need to have more consistency with walks and training. He has gone through basic obedience training and will understand heel, sit, lay and stay but not on a consistent basis.

What Bryant's Rescue Rep Says: Upon meeting Bryant, entering the backyard, his dad forewarned me that he would jump and that he did! It was a little disconcerting as he jumps on you full force, but did settle down after a few minutes. I was able to walk him on leash with light pulling but nothing extreme. He would look up at me and check in, and I always said "good boy" We didn't encounter any other dogs on our walk. Bryant let me touch him all over and doesn't seem sensitive to touch on any part of his body. He quickly sat and welcomed pets and attention.

Lab Rescue is seeking a family who is committed to making him a part of their family, working with him, taking basic obedience classes together and devoting time to him. Bryant is a wonderful dog who aims to please. We want Bryant in a home where he is not left for long stretches of the day. A stay-at-home parent, families who work from home or families who can take him to work with them would be ideal. A family who wants a dog to accompany them on outdoor adventures and vacations would be wonderful!

We are looking for a home where Bryant will receive daily exercise and activity. Due to his excitability and jumping when meeting people, we don't recommend a home with small children. He is a nice dog that would thrive in a home with experienced owners who can provide him with attention, training and exercise. We don't know how Bryant is around cats. We did encounter some crows as we were walking. He looked at them and didn't react when they flew away so he might be okay with a nice cat. Bryant is crate trained.

Medical: Bryant is up to date on core vaccines and microchipped.

Located In: Los Gatos

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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