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Charlie – Female black Lab, 3-year-old 70 lbs Spayed

Background:Lady Charlie needs to find a new forever home due to ongoing risk of getting into dustups with the neighbor’s little white dog. That’s it.

What Their Current Owner Says:We are in the unfortunate situation of having to rehome our dog Charlie, an active and happy black lab. We have owned her since her adorable puppy days. Charlie is a sweet girl who loves tennis balls, walks and hanging out with her peeps. We also own a 2-year-old lab and they are best pals. Charlie is a quick learner and is food motivated. Charlie knows basic commands like sit, stay, down, spin, find it, high five. She is house broken and crate trained. Charlie gets along with most dogs. We’ve taken her to the beach (off leash), open space (off leash) and the dog park (off leash) and had no problems with other people or dogs. Charlie was busy at the beach and dog park chasing a tennis ball. In open space, without a tennis ball, she will run and chase squirrels and explore. She will also stop and look back at us - to make sure we are not far away. Charlies will “come” when called when in open space. Charlie is a little hesitant when meeting new people; however, once she gets a few scratches behind the ear, her initial shyness subsides. Charlie is skittish around children and unfamiliar situations. An unsuspecting loud noise (loud car driving by, a skateboarder, trash disposal truck) will startle her, but she quickly recovers when we say “it’s okay - it’s okay”. Charlie has been everything we wanted in a pet - loving, spunky, excited about walks, chasing balls, cuddling; however, she bit our next door neighbor’s dog (a small white dog) twice. We do not know why or which dog provoked, but it is the only dog Charlie has bitten. Both dogs continue to snarl at each other and we feel an environment away from this dog would be a better situation for Charlie. Charlie is in great health. All shots are up-to-date. She’s spayed. We routinely see the vet and Charlie cooperates at the vet from standing on the scale to a stranger (vet tech) taking her to visit with the veterinarian. Charlie is an awesome dog. We are heartbroken that we are in the situation to find her a new home. She is attentive, happy, and does the ‘Charlie hop’ to express her delight in a treat or another throw of the tennis ball. Our dog trainer speaks highly of her. She will be a loving companion.

What Their Rescue Rep Says: A fabulous dog except when it comes to the neighbor’s little white dog. I will mention that the little white dog is a real snarky neighbor that barks at all of the neighborhood dogs. Charlie’s adopters will have to use care when introducing Charlie to other dogs. She is strong and full of energy. Not good for home with small kids or anyone unsteady on their feet. No idea how she is with cats.

Medical: Healthy, fully vaccinated, spayed, heartworm negative. Needs to be microchipped.

Located in: Pleasant Hill

If you are interested in adopting Charlie, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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