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COPPER 2 Year Old Red Male 50 Pounds Not-Neutered (GGLRR will coordinate his neuter.)

Background:Copper was being raised to be a service dog in Florida but was not making the cut so his current owner flew him out to the Bay Area as he was afraid he would be put down. He has been a wonderful part of the family but they feel it best to rehome him due to the family dynamic.

What Copper's Owner Says:Copper has been around adults, kids and guinea pigs with not issues. He knows stay, down, drop, leave it, wait, off, and park – for sit. He gets out for daily walks and fun game of fetch. Copper is a house dog and is housetrained, sleeps in our bedroom, he is crate trained and he can be left alone in the home with no issues. Copper is a mellow, laid back, couch potato and enjoys his walks. He will pull on leash when being walked and if left alone for long periods he may chew some things. (Toilet paper and clothing.) He is fine with other dogs and likes chasing them and being chased. He loves our kids and playing with them. Copper is a sensitive dog and does not like at times busy roads, loud vehicles, shopping centers and at times slick floors. Copper love his food and will stand at his food bowl asking for more. (You can take his food bowl away from him with no issues; he just loves to eat.) He does not have that heavy lab prey drive.

What Copper's Rescue Rep Says: We would love a home for Copper that will make him part of the family! He is a super mellow dog and learns quickly. He is sensitive to a few things so an adopter will need to work on them. He can be in a home with kids, cats and other animals. He is one sweet boy; low key boy!

Medical: Copper is updated on his shots. He has had regular vet visits and has no current health concerns. He is microchipped.

Located in: San Rafael

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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