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Video: Dorado at the shelter.

Video: Dorado on a leash walk with a pal.

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Dorado 7-month-old male black Lab mix 50-lbs Neutered

Background: Found in a field in Stockton by a good Samaritan, he was surrendered to the local shelter who determined (as suspected by the good Sam) that he had a broken back left leg. The upper end of his femur bone was broken. We pulled him from the shelter the following day and got him to our vet who performed FHO surgery to resolve that femur fracture. Our vet believes the leg break was more than three weeks old -- Yikes! We named him "Dorado".

What Dorado's Foster Says: Despite his injury and recent surgery, Dorado is your typical happy 6-month-old pup. Actually, Dorado didn't receive the memo that he had surgery on his leg at all, and on day #3 was attempting to romp with our Lab mix, putting weight on his foot and leg, and hopping up on the couch. Each day he seems to realize he can use that leg a bit more. He loves being outside - the grass seems to be his favorite surface on which to lie and chew his squeaky toys. Dorado loves being around people; we have two boys, ages 14 and 12, and he loves them both, as well as my husband. He's my little shadow, trotting around the house after me from room to room, investigating every nook and cranny with his puppy nose. He's a bit of chewer but is easily distracted from "no chew items" such as table legs by replacing them with a chew toy. Dorado is VERY food motivated! The only thing better than breakfast is dinner, followed by treats. Dorado already knows what walks are and does full-body wiggles when the harness and leash come out. When walked on his own he's on high alert, stopping every 10 paces or so, especially when a car goes by, and he barked at both a passing jogger and someone on a bike. Not aggressive, just clearly has not had a lot of experience out in the big, wide world. When walked with my dog he wanted to be right next to her, although lots of zigging and zagging, even with a harness. Dorado had a few accidents in the house right after he arrived, but otherwise has been great about doing his business outside, both on walks, and when out in the yard. He seems to know the word "potty," although not many other commands. He does respond to correction, and will drop something he is not supposed to have. He's an all-around sweetheart of a pup, and clearly wants nothing more than to be part of a family. I think he'd love to have a canine brother or sister to play with, but not a necessity. He sleeps quietly through the night, from about 9:30 PM to 6:30 AM.

Update from Dorado's foster: Dorado is a smart pup, and definitely food motivated, so I think some puppy training classes would be great for him, and would help him on walks. He reacts on his leash (pulls/barks) when we're out and he sees other dogs, but only because he wants to play; he's not sure how to greet them appropriately. Also reacts to squirrels/birds - I imagine he would not do well in a home with a cat, although he doesn't have a mean bone in his body, he would probably just chase it. He's learned "sit" and "leave it", and we're working on "down." He's started playing in the yard with my dog Rosie - likes to tug and lay in the sun on the grass and gnaw on his squeaky toys. Dorado is definitely a "people" dog - he follows me from room to room, and will lie at my feet whenever I'm on the computer doing some work. He will gently whine for attention and then climb into a lap for loves and pets. He's a big bundle of puppy affection. Now that his e-collar is off, he's been sleeping next to our dog Rosie on a dog bed in our room. He sleeps quietly through the night, although he's been caught a few times sneaking up onto the bed to curl up and make himself comfortable there 🙂 Dorado's use of that leg has improved greatly and is putting weight on all four legs regularly when on walks. Around the house/standing he will still favor the other three legs at times. As his leg gets stronger and he gains more confidence on it, it's clear that he will need someone who is around most of the day (maybe a work from home situation?) and can take him for several long walks to build up those muscles, and get him around other dogs for some socialization.

What Dorado's Rescue Rep Says: Amazing how engaging and friendly this young pup was when he was found with that broken leg. We are delighted that he is now patched up and recovering. He should re-gain full use of this leg. A little post-surgery rehabilitation will be needed. Dorado would be fine in a home with older children and/or another dog that matches his energy and activity level. No idea how Dorado is with cats. We do not know what Dorado is mixed with but suspect he might not grow to be too big... perhaps 70 pounds when fully grown.

Medical: Dorado is in fine health. Recovering from FHO surgery. Neutered and chipped. Heartworm negative. Current on Rabies and distemper vax.

Located In: San Jose.

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