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Gideon: 1 year old male yellow Lab, non-neutered 77 lbs

Background: A gentleman who couldn’t care for Gideon asked someone else in the apartment if he could take him. He took the dog but a week later realized between work, three young kids and no yard he was unable to keep the dog. He called GGLRR to see if we could help.

What Gideon's Foster Says: Gideon is a hoot. He is a very playful puppy in a large body that he is still getting used to. He’s a bit clumsy and a bit wiggly, but always happy. You will never lack for affection from this sweet lovebug.

Gideon is well-behaved indoors with the exception of wanting to jump up on you or to crawl into your lap. He’s great at sharing the space with our own 9-year-old Lab. There is no resource guarding nor food guarding. He does need some leash work … he pulls but not so much that I can’t walk the two big dogs at the same time. He does not have leash aggression. He gets excited to see other dogs and wishes he could have a dog playdate right then and there during the walk. I’m very impressed with his behavior for a 1-year-old dog. He just needs some training. He’s able to relax inside; he’s not hyper.

Gideon is house broken. He will go potty in our backyard or on our walks. He does however mark and will lift his leg on patio furniture or the side of the house. He sleeps in a crate. His crate manners on Night 1 were the best I have ever seen during fostering. He didn’t whine, he didn’t bark, he just went to bed and waited for me to get him in the morning.

He likes to chew on dog toys. So far he hasn’t chewed anything that wasn’t a dog toy, and he has yet to destroy a toy (but he might try to destroy a tennis ball if I left one around).

Gideon has had two home transitions recently. So he is currently a Velcro dog (sticks by me). I think this will improve as he settles in.

Gideon is not neutered yet. He doesn’t try humping the humans. He tried once with our dog and was firmly put in his place and hasn’t tried it again.

He doesn’t wolf down his food like many Labs but he’s a bit of a sloppy drinker. Gideon needs help jumping up into the back of my station wagon. He hasn’t learned that he’s a big boy and can do this by himself. I have taken him to a dog park and he was playful yet a bit timid. Since he’s not neutered, I waited until the only dogs in the park were ones that I knew before entering. I don’t yet know if he would like to swim. He definitely likes to retrieve. He’s so clumsy when retrieving, he’s hilarious to watch. He loves to look at the squirrels running on our fence.

Whoever ends up with Gideon is going to have a wonderful, sweet and loving dog for a long, long time.

What Gideon's Rescue Rep Says: Oh what a wonderful boy! Personality ✔️Cute factor✔️ Temperament ✔️ Loves people✔️Loves dogs✔️ Rides well in the car✔️

However, he is still a puppy at one year and has not had the training that he should have had by now so it will be like training a new puppy but in an adult size body. Any kids in the home should be 5 and up as he has not been taught not to jump (he uses his paws) and could inadvertently knock them over. Even when sitting, he wants to jump up on you, put his paws up on you and climb in your lap. We are unsure about cats and due to his interest in squirrels, at this time we will not put him in a home with cats.

Lab Rescue is looking for an adopter that has some experience raising an untrained large puppy and has the time, energy and willingness to devote to this boy.

Medical: Gideon is vaccinated with has rabies and distemper vaccs. He still needs to be Heartworm tested, chipped and neutered. Lab Rescue will coordinate this.

Located In: Belmont. Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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