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Video: Grace absolutely loves her toy.

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Video: Mama Grace and her 5 puppies.

Video: Meet Grace's 5 puppies.

Video: Grace nursing her 5 puppies.

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Grace ~1-year-old black female Lab mix 55 lbs Not yet spayed

Background: This young female Lab mix [we named her Grace] and her five very young puppies were found as strays in Stanislaus County in late May. With the help of Central Calif Lab Rescue, we pulled mama and her puppies out of the shelter and got them into a foster home where they are now thriving. We guess that she had the puppies around May 17th.

What Grace's Initial Foster Says: When Mama Grace was delivered to our home with her 5 puppies from the shelter, she was skin and bones. Although she started out a little shy, soon she settled in and was so happy to have found a safe haven for her puppies. Each of her pups was plump and healthy. Mama gave everything of herself to keep her babies healthy. She truly was an Amazing Grace! As Gracie became more comfortable, we can see her sweet personality emerge. She is very gentle and affectionate with people and loves attention! She enjoys checking out her new surroundings, but wants to stay close to her babies. She is very smart and as she gets more healthy, will be an active dog. She does not show aggression towards our family dog, but she clearly is cautious with her babies. She has kept her area very clean and seems potty trained. She is learning to walk on a leash and is practicing following our commands. She is such a loving mama and will snuggle her babies with them under her chin.

What Grace's current foster says: Grace is sweet and curious, and she’s got big puppy energy, and even with two 1-hour walks each day. She would welcome more action. While Grace is kinda crate-trained, she will bark ("let me out of here") in protest at being stuck in her kennel. She really wants to be with her people. I really do think she’d do better in a household with more people to keep her engaged. I think somewhere along the way someone rough-housed with her as the key form of play/affection; calm pets quickly turn to jumping and mouthing. Something to keep in mind for potential placement with kids. I did take her to a friend’s place in Sonoma with another dog and plenty of room to run, and she was truly a rock star in that environment. Did great playing with the other dog — you could really see the border collie [we think] in her when she ran at full clip. I think she’d do really well with another dog to show her the ropes. I was also pleased to see that she came when called off leash — if she was out of sight, I called her and she came right away. So she knows her name now. Also learned in that environment that she’s not a water dog: a big "no thank you" to both the pool and the ocean. We’re getting some meat back on her bones -- she is filling out nicely. She enjoys puzzle feeding - snuffle mat, egg carton, etc. keep her curiosity for a few minutes at least.

What Grace's Rescue Rep Says: What a lovely young dog. She does have a bundle of energy and will require lots of walks and exercise. Would like her to go to a home where she is not left along for long periods of time. No idea how she is with cats, she'd do great in a home with another dog. Could be great dog for family with older children.

Medical: In fine health. Current on vaccinations and microchipped. Grace will be spayed down the road.

Located In: Alameda.

If you are interest in adopting Grace, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at

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