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Gracie Lynn —12 Year Old Yellow Female 65 Pounds Spayed

Background: Gracie Lynn’s owner died, and she was in the home for 2 weeks with another dog until someone found them. She was taken to the Sonoma shelter and the shelter reached out to GGLRR to see if we were able to take her in and find her a new home. She was a bit timid and nervous in the shelter and they felt it best to get her in a home situation. She was microchipped so there were able to track her medical records and knew her name. (Her owner was older.)

What Gracie Lynn's Foster Says: Gracie-Lynn is adjusting and is getting better by the day. She is definitely less afraid and now wags her tail when I come to her (before she would run away); she even comes to me when I call her.

She is very excited about food and treats but then calms down once she realizes she is not getting more of either. Gracie-Lynn is fine with all the dogs but sometimes will go hang by herself. She absolutely loves going on walks. She sleeps in the living room on her bed surrounded by the other dogs and sleeps through the night, does her business in the morning etc... with all the other dogs. She is very sweet.

What Gracie Lynn's Rescue Rep Says: Gracie is a very sweet girl. She is doing great in the foster home and is warming up to being back in a home situation with some dog friends. She is a bit shy at first but once she knows you, she is one nice girl that loves to just hang out and go for short walks. She is fine with other dogs and we think would be fine with cats. She would be fine with kids but we would recommend older kids as she is a senior and would not be out for any rough play. She is fine on leash and she is able to do stairs. We are not suer she got walked much with her previous owner but we would like an adopter who would get her out for at least one good walk a day. A home that understands senior dogs and their needs. IF you have another dog in the home we would recommend a dog that does not play rough with other dogs.

Medical: Gracie is updated on her shots, she is spayed and heartworm negative. She has a few lumps that we feel are just fatty lumps but we will get them checked out by our vet.

Located in: Richmond

Please note our service area:GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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