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Honey: ~10-month old 45-lb female white Lab mix Honey is a delightful energetic young dog who loves to play! She was found as a stray and turned into the Hayward shelter where she became quite stressed. The shelter reached out to GGLRR so we could get her into a foster home where she can get more exercise and mental stimulation.

What Honey's Foster Says: This girl is very excitable. She seems more like a 6-month old puppy and is always on the move. She knows “Sit” and “Come”. She sits before eating her food and coming in and out of the house. She quietly sleeps through the night, is house trained, and crate trained. She is smart, curious, enjoys exploring, and is a counter surfer. She is good on walks with a correction collar. She gets excited and wants to meet every dog that she sees. She really wants to play with her cousins.

We had a playdate with a 1-year old dog. After proper introductions, Honey loved the playtime. It was a great opportunity for her to run, wrestle, and get that extra puppy energy out. She was so tired out that she could not lift her head to drink from the water dish. See photo below. And she slept for the next 2 hours. She is a masterful toy shredder. Honey is a people-person dog and likes to hang out wherever I am in the house. She loves tummy rubs. She may not be good in a home with cats as she likes chasing squirrels and animals that run.

What Honey's Rescue Rep Says: When I met Honey at the shelter she greeted me enthusiastically with a kiss and a request for a belly rub. She would run off to play but come back and periodically check in with me. She pulls when walking on a leash, but would turn back and look at me when I said “This way” and did a U-turn. She also came back to me for treats, so I think she will learn quickly with some leash training. She let me take a food bowl and several toys away without complaint, including a tennis ball that she was enthusiastically shredding. She might be the kind of dog that likes to play “keep away” with found items. Honey did fine meeting other dogs at the shelter. She can be jumpy and mouthy at times (as many young dogs are) so any kids in the house need to be older. Honey is still a young dog who can get hyper and over excited at times and her new family will need to work with her to help teach her how to self calm and settle. Honey would do best with an active family who has the time to give her plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. She enjoys playing fetch.

Honey will make a great companion for someone who has the time, energy, and inclination to train, work, and play with her. A tired dog is a good dog!

Medical: Honey is spayed and up to date on vaccinations.

Located In: Los Gatos

If you are interested in adopting Honey, please contact Rescue Rep Katy at katy4gglrr@gmail.com

Please note our service area: GGLRR serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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