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Video: Hanging with the Hunter

Video: Hunter “helping” with the recycling bin

Video: Leash walk with Hunter

Hunter – Male yellow Lab, 7-months-old 60 lbs Not yet neutered

Background:Hunter’s former found that he was just too strong and active for her to walk and exercise safely and properly. She felt it best that Hunter go to another family that can give Hunter everything he needs and deserves.

What Their Foster Says: Hunter is a sweet, mellow pup. He is gentle while being playful and affectionate and is inquisitive about everything. Hunter loves playing fetch and swimming in the pool and is learning how to walk on the leash. He comes when called and is good with other people and dogs. He is potty-trained and sleeps through the night in his crate. Hunter has a bit of separation anxiety but we are working through that by leaving him for short periods in his crate during the day and he has done well with that.

What Their Former Owner Says:Hunter is a curious, energetic and affectionate puppy. He is house-broken and sleeps in his crate at night. Hunter has learned how to use a doggie door to go outside. Loves soft toys and chew toys. Gets out to play with other dogs every day; loves running with the other dogs. Loves to ride in the car. May jump on people and bark when he is excited. A bit of a counter-surfer -- just very inquisitive of things. Likes to chew on non-dog items -- especially my Croc shoes. Jones is just learning how to walk on a leash; he pulls quite a bit. Has not been around young kids or cats.

What Their Rescue Rep Says: An awesome young dog. Hunter needs to land in a new home where he will be the center of attention and activity. Would do great in a home with kids that respect boundaries and are prepared for an active energetic dog. A dog-friendly pool would be a big plus. Not for anyone unsteady on their feet. Will benefit with some basic obedience training.

Medical: Hunter is current on vaccinations. Not yet neutered or microchipped. Hunter does have an overbite, as his lower jawbone did not fully develop resulting in short lower jaw than his upper jaw. We intend to send him to a canine dentist for an evaluation. Hunter is dealing with panosteitis (“growing pains”) in the bones in his front legs, which should resolve in a few months -- this temporary affliction causes him to limp on the affected leg.

Located in: Piedmont

Please note our service area:GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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