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Video: Ivy loves to fly and fetch!

Ivy – 10 Month Old Black Female Lab mix (possibly with Shephard) 52-lbs Not yet spayed

Background: Ivy was abandoned in front of a Pet Smart store where the family's son works. They agreed to give her shelter, but when potential adopters backed out, they had no choice but to continue caring for her.

What Ivy's Caretakers Say: While she is a beautiful and healthy dog, we could not possibly take her camping with us in our small trailer or keep up with her energy. She was abandoned in front of the PetSmart store where our son works. A few employees showed interest in adopting her but needed time to make arrangements in their households. We agreed to give her shelter, but when those employees backed out. We had no choice but to continue taking care of her.

It didn't seem like she could find a home if she came down with any of the puppy illnesses, so we vaccinated her. When it looked like it would take a long time to find a new home we started puppy training to make all our lives easier. There have been many fun and sweet times with her, but we have been neglecting many of our other interests.

Family / Home Environment: I think Ivy would like a home with older kids that have enjoyed activities with a dog. She is used to having people with her throughout the day and does not like to be left alone. She needs a good size secure back yard for active play. She seems to enjoy tracking the scent of any animals that may have traversed our yard overnight. She has completed the PetSmart Beginner training and would benefit from continued training and reinforcing of good behaviors. The class showed us how very intelligent Ivy is.

What Ivy's Rescue Rep Says: Ivy is a sweet, young, energetic girl. She would do well with an active person or family and one where she's not left alone for long periods of the day. She is smart and will require regular exercise to stimulate her mind and body. She likes to chase the ball and play tug of war. Ivy's caretakers have taken her to doggie daycare and have been told that she likes to play chase with other dogs and gets the zoomies. She can play rough and the older dogs don't like it. She is very interested in squirrels and chases them off so probably not good with cats. Ivy sleeps in a crate through the night.

Medical: Ivy is in great health and needs to be spayed.

Located In: Fremont

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Ivy, please contact Rescue Rep Kris @ krisellen.nm@gmail.com

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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