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Video: James and Britt on a Walk

Video: James and Britt in the Pool With Friends

Video: James and Britt in the Pool

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8-year-old male yellow Lab “James” and 4-year-old male yellow “Britt”

Background:A fellow lab lover heard that the owner of two labs, one American and one English, had passed away. The husband needed to re home her animals due to his own illness. James and Britt were neglected for at least a year as they waited to start their new lives. Once rescued, James and Britt began to thrive. They were initially found to be dangerously overweight. Both have lost nearly 30 lbs. each since starting their new, safe, and healthy lives at their Alamo caretaker. James and Britt are finally happy again. They love other dogs, are familiar and kind with cats, and are so happy to spend the day with people who love them. For dogs who have experienced the worst, they sure are excited every day to keep learning what it means to experience the best.

What Their Current Caretaker Says:They are very sweet dogs and settling in quickly at this temporary home now that they feel safe. It probably took about 36 hours for them to start to be comfortable with us. They love to be outside. They are so happy just sitting in the grass together. They are very friendly and love to be pet and cuddled by people. Britt is slightly more anxious. He feels secure when his brother is close by. Britt will bark at someone walking by the fence, tail still wagging. He’s mostly curious and hasn't seen the outside world in a year. James is quieter. We do believe they will continue to drop the weight quickly because they love to move, run, swim and play! They seem to get more active every day. They are sound sleepers through the night. The first night or two we had issues with some marking indoors and Britt would pee inside at night. Due to them being locked inside for over a year and peeing indoors during that time, we think it was a habit developed due to not trusting they’d have access to the outdoors anytime soon. Since learning to trust, we let them out regularly, we have had success with no accidents, and they happily wait to go until outside. Britt loves baths and loves to play in the hose. They’ve been good with a calm cat and many other dogs. We are not sure about children. As we look for homes, we’d say no young kids just to be safe. We’ve been working with an animal behaviorist who has evaluated James and Britt. The animal behaviorist agrees that they are friendly, loving and no concerns for aggression. They have been reacting appropriately with their fast change in environment. James and Britt need to stay together, and we think they’d do best with a large yard/land to wander as they really are loving that here and were withheld from that for so long. A yard would also be great as these are probably not dogs who will ever be able to go on long leash walks. However, when walking in the yard they stick to your side and have excellent name recall. Both dogs are very strong and can pull on the leash when they see a distraction. Walks are getting better, as we can now walk them both with one person. However, they haven’t been on leashes for about a year and do need to re-learn leash manners to go places. James, the older guy, seems to struggle more with stairs due to his weight. A one-story home or a home where he can be on the same floor as access to outdoors may make him a very happy boy. They need a home with someone who understands that these dogs can’t have many treats, or any table scraps and their weight loss journey must be taken seriously. These dogs will make someone so happy, and we will miss them. They are a package deal and must be placed together.

What Their Rescue Rep Says: Two awesome dogs that we are considering a bonded pair. A proper and ongoing nutrition and exercise regimen is warranted for both dogs. Great with cats and other dogs. No exposure to children for these dogs yet, so older kids would probably be fine.

Medical: In great health, Britt and James have just been neutered and microchipped. Current on Rabies and distemper vax. James is on treatment for an ear infection. Since landing in the Alamo foster home, James has slimmed down 90 lbs and Britt is at a svelte 82 lbs -- more to lose but totally headed in the right direction.

Located in: Alamo

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