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Jonah -- 2-year-old black male Lab/shepherd mix 50-lb neutered

Background: This guy was found as a stray (near Modesto) suffering from two broken rear legs. A wonderful central valley dog rescue advocate notified us of his situation and we immediately pulled the dog and got him to our vet. Our vet determined that both legs had been fractured for more than four weeks. We named this dog Jonah as he has clearly been through a lot, but still has much to do. Our vet was able to perform FHO surgery on Jonah's right rear leg but Jonah's left rear leg had to be amputated as the fracture was too severe (and too old) to save that leg. Jonah is now recovering fabulously at a Lab Rescue foster home in Walnut Creek.

What Jonah's Foster Says: Jonah (aka Joe, JoJo, Joey) is fun, funny, smart and energetic. He loves to play and explore. Some walks are brisk – let’s get going! Others are sniff-fests – what’s on this blade of grass? He is well adapted to his 3-legged life and ready to move to his permanent home. He is learning “wait” to get out of the x-pen and go outside. He’s also learning “leave-it”, “drop-it”, “watch”, “chin rest” (in my hand) and “touch” (my palm). All of this is new to him and needs to be reinforced. He has a soft mouth when taking treats, but can be mouthy when excited (i.e. getting ready to go for a walk). We are working on correcting that and he is getting better. He barks a bit to get our attention when he needs a potty break, water, food or play. Jonah yips or whines when we leave him alone, but stops within a few minutes. Once he is allowed out of the x-pen and given more freedom, this may subside. He gets along well with our resident dog. He wants to play and wrestle, but that isn’t allowed yet. Jonah enjoys meeting new people on our walks. His response to dogs has been mixed: some greetings have been calm and other times he has barked. He is cautious around moving cars.

What Jonah's Rescue Rep Says: Jonah has all the energy and personality of a four-legged pooch. Jonah is a vibrant, engaging pup that will live a long life. He loves people and wants to play with other dogs. Eventually Jonah will be able to run and romp – his right rear leg just needs to fully heal from the surgery. Obviously, he would do best in a home with few steps and stairs. Kids and other dogs would be great roomies. Jonah has not yet been exposed to cats. We think Jonah is a Lab/Shepherd mix. This is one awesome dog!

Medical: In great health. Current on vaccinations, microchipped, neutered, and heartworm negative.

Located in: Walnut Creek.

If you want to adopt Jonah, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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