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Kaia – 2.5-Year-Old Female Black Lab Mix 70-lbs, Needs to be Spayed

Background: Kaia's family reached a difficult decision to rehome Kaia through no fault of her own. The family of 7 (parents and 5 children/teens) relocated to smaller living accommodations without a backyard during the pandemic. They still managed as the family was home and could spend time with her but now that everyone is back to school and work, Kaia isn't getting the attention she needs and is confined to a small outdoor space, by herself, during the day.

Kaia is described as a happy and playful dog. She's been around babies, toddlers and lived with children and teens from 6 - 18 years of age. The family says when Kaia gets excited, she will jump up on a person and occasionally play nip.

They'd like to see Kaia in a home with a family who can give her lots of attention with a yard for her to roam.

What Kaia's Rescue Rep and Foster Have To Say: I met Kaia and her family at a dog park where she immediately acclimated to exploring the park, sniffing, meeting, and running around with all of the dogs. She quickly became the park greeter where she happily ran to the gate with a wagging tail to welcome every new dog coming into the park.

We are learning more about Kaia each day, and she seems to have quickly settled into her new surroundings. We have three dogs- a senior female and two adult males (4 and 5). Kaia has tried to play with each of them and has learned to leave the two that aren't very much into playing alone while becoming fast friends with one of the males. She can get a little excited and assertive in her play and doesn't always take the cue from the other dog when he wants a break. As a result, we'll separate and move her to another room where she quickly settles down.

Kaia is great with people and children. With children, she does get excited and will chase after them wanting to play, occasionally nipping in excitement. She also has taken food from children's hands.

She is an alert barker and will bark when someone's at the door, as well as if she hears something in the backyard. She barks at visitors who have come through the yard but once she knows they're friends, she will relax.

Kaia would enjoy the company of another dog that likes to play. Although she does love children, older children would be better suited. Younger ones understandably will want to run around which will excite Kaia, and she's going to want to join in by chasing and maybe nipping which may not be appreciated by little ones.

Kaia is only 2.5 years-old, and we'd like to see her with a somewhat active family where she won't be left alone for long stretches of the day, a home with a yard where her family can play fetch with her, and a home where she will get the attention and exercise she needs. Kaia is known to dig and chew on things when she's bored and, or left unattended. She walks well on leash, is housetrained, and sleeps through the night in a crate.

Medical: We will coordinate her spay, get her up to date with core vaccines, heartworm tested, and microchipped.

Kaia is located in: San Jose

If you are interested in adopting Kaia, please contact Rescue Rep Kris at krisellen.nm@gmail.com

Please note our service area:GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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