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Kane: 5-year-old male yellow Lab, ~55 lbs, neutered

Background: Kane was purchased from a breeder when he was just a pup. He’s been to hunting dog training and has basic obedience. A few months ago, Kane was diagnosed with Addison’s disease, and his owners decided that they could no longer care for him due to his medical needs.

What Kane' Rescue Rep Says: Kane is a super sweet boy! He’s very friendly and was stellar during his handling eval, not minding when I squeezed his toes and was generally a pest about touching him all over. He was relaxed and leaned against me for more pets. It’s clear Kane has had some training: he did a great Sit, Down, Shake and Leave it (dropped a treat in front of him and told him to Leave it). His repertoire includes Fetch but he was too distracted to show me that one. He was more interested in getting pets from me than in taking a toy; when he did take a toy, he dropped it as soon as I went over to him. Human interaction and affection are more interesting to him than treats and toys! He takes treats gently. The family has no trouble taking toys or food from him, there is no resource guarding at all. Kane walks well on leash with the right kind of collar; it was really hot so we weren’t able to meet other dogs, but family members have dogs, cats, rabbits and snakes, and Kane is fine with all the mammals but he doesn’t like snakes.

Kane spends most of his day outside, and comes inside to sleep in his crate. Inside, if left alone unsupervised, he will counter-surf and get into things he shouldn’t. Most likely with supervision and training he would learn what his boundaries are and will respect them. In the meantime, if left inside alone he would need to be confined in his crate. If the gate is left open in the yard he will go exploring so a solid gate with a latch is a must.

He has been around children from toddlers to teenagers. There are resident cats inside and out and he gets along fine with them. Other family members have dogs, including an older dog, and Kane gets along fine with them as well. The older dog will correct Kane if she’s had enough of him, and Kane stops bothering her and lays down. His busy family is unable to get him out for long walks which might tire him out so he’s not so active when he is indoors.

The family we’d like for Kane is one where he would be an integral part of the family, hanging out with them inside and out. We’d like him to get regular walks and play time, as well as refresher training. Kane is a bright boy and should quickly learn the boundaries and rules for inside life, and become trustworthy when left on his own. Since he is crate trained (and a crate trained dog is a gift!) we’d like his new family to continue to use the crate when he’s left alone or unsupervised. Kane’s new family will need to be committed to doing what’s necessary to manage his Addison’s; an experienced family who knows what it’s like managing Addison’s or another chronic condition or who has experienced the aging of previous dogs, and understands how to manage those medical needs, would be great.

Medical: Kane is neutered, up to date on his vaxes, heartworm free and on preventive.

Kane is currently being treated for Addison’s disease. His treatment includes a daily dose of prednisone and a monthly shot of Percorten®. With his current vet this is a tech visit, rather than a full-on office visit. Unfortunately, Labs are one of several breeds that seem to be at higher risk for Addison’s, but with proper care and treatment, Kane will have a normal Lab life and lifespan, meaning he can play, romp, swim and be a dog! More information will be provided to prospective adopters.

You can learn more about Addison’s disease here: https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/addisons-disease-in-dogs-overview

Located In: San Jose.

If you are interested in this delightful boy Kane, please contact Rescue Rep Debbi at dragonflydebbi@gmail.com. In your email, please tell me about yourself and why you would be a good fit for Kane.

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