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Keko: 9-Year-Old Male Yellow Lab, Neutered, 65 Pounds

Background: Keko is an owner surrender that lived his entire life as a backyard dog. Although outside in the backyard, he was well loved and taken care of by his human dad who passed away about 8 months ago. Keko wasn't allowed inside the house as there was an elderly grandmother in the home who wasn't comfortable around large dogs. His dad had Keko since he was a puppy and would walk him 2-3 times/day, before and after work. Keko has been well socialized and is good with people and other dogs. He lived with a smaller dog for years until that dog passed away.

When Keko's dad became ill, he asked his sister to find Keko a home as he knew his wife wouldn't be able to take care of him. It took the family some time to reach out to rescue as they were getting all of Keko's dad's things in order after his passing. Keko is starved for attention! His world within the last year has consisted of the backyard with regular feedings by his mom and rare visits from others to play with him.

What Keko's Foster Says: Within his first day, adjusting to our hardwood floors and using the doggie door on his own. His tail wags all day, and he enjoys being inside the house. He would have been the perfect dog for my parents if they didn't adopt their dog last year. Keko is a doll and really such a good boy.

What Keko's Rescue Rep Says: When I first met Keko, he ran around the backyard and was beside himself with excitement. He welcomed pets and was purely thrilled to be in the presence of visitors! Keep in mind, it's been close to a year where he has not been outside of the backyard. His dad used to walk him 2-3 times/day. He was so excited to walk that he was pulling and jumping up in the air; he has quickly settled down after being in his foster home receiving regular attention and exercise. If I didn't have Keko's records, I would think he was more like a 5-6 year old dog. He is in great shape, including his teeth which are pristine! His dad used to brush them regularly. We don't know how Keko is around cats.

Medical: Current on vaccinations, microchipped, and neutered. Appears to be in great health.

Located In: San Mateo Please note our service area: GGLRR serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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