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Video: Ketch sure loves the water

Video: Ketch loves the plush squeaky toy

Video: Ketch appreciates the belly rub

Video: Ketch hanging out with Bosun

Video: Ketch happily rolling in the grass (while Bosun watches)

Ketch: 5-year-old male black Lab 100-lbs Neutered

Background: This guy was nabbed bopping around greater Contra Costa County and taken into the Martinez shelter. He became a fan-favorite at the shelter: “very friendly interactive dog. really enjoys attention, gentle taking food and knows sit”. The shelter, who named him “Ketch”, was gracious enough to neuter him and remove a lump on his right hip, before we pulled him and placed him into a foster home.

What Ketch’s foster says: Ketch is a classic, goofy, fun-loving Labrador who enjoys being involved with the pack, in and out of the house. A big boy with a nice block head, he loves scratches and pets around his ears and a good belly rub. Has quite a bit of energy to go on walks twice a day, ride in the car, go out to the park or play in the yard. A natural ball retriever, he also enjoys a good squeaky plush toy or a bone to chew on. Ketch is a great water dog and swimmer too but he needs to work on recall. At the park, he enjoys meeting other dogs with a wagging tail; and he is interested but not too pushy with our cat. Well-mannered in the house for the most part, he knows “sit”, “down” and “stay” (well, sort of; he could use some work on “stay”), and he definitely needs some boundaries established regarding counter-surfing and general enthusiasm for food that is not his! Working on crate training with him as he can bark a little or scratch at doors if left to his own devices. He sleeps well through the night either in a crate or on the floor next to our bed. A really nice boy with lots of Lab love to share with a lucky family.

What Ketch’s Rescue Rep says: What a great dog. Ketch is thriving at his foster home and proving to be a pretty easy-going dog… getting along with everyone. Might be a fine dog for a family with kids and cats. His adopter needs to have a serious plan on how to satisfy Ketch’s love of swimming in the water.

Medical: Ketch is in good health. Current on vaccinations, microchipped, and neutered. Ketch is recovering from flea dermatitis skin issues and an ear infection. He also had a small growth on his right hip removed when he got neutered. Ketch has been favoring his right rear leg; our vet exam determined that he has an old partial CCL tear in that right leg that he likely recently aggravated; may warrant TPLO surgery which GGLRR will pay have done.

Ketch is located in: El Cerrito.

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