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Kona – Female black Lab/Shepherd mix, 10 weeks old, 18 lbs, approx. Lab Rescue will coordinate spay with adopters.

Background:Kona was acquired for the previous owner's adult daughter who lives in Los Angeles. After the daughter said she wanted the puppy, the owner picked up Kona and brought her home but then the daughter stopped responding to her mom's calls. The owner and her husband have small senior dogs of their own and didn't get Kona for themselves so they reached out to rescue.

What Their Former Owner Says:Kona is an energetic and playful puppy. We've only had her for two weeks. She wants to play with our dogs, but they are older terriers and smaller so Kona's a bit too much for them. We'd like to see Kona with an active family who has the time and energy for her.

What Their Foster Says:Kona is a sweet and feisty puppy. She is very aware of her environment. Kona is about 80% housebroken. She's a fast eater. We are working on a soft mouth due to the fact we have small children and she is very receptive to this. She will go to the back door and whine when she needs to go out. She also is crate trained. She sleeps in one at night and we place her in one during the day from time to time. She sometimes goes into her crate on her own to go to sleep. At night when she is in her crate she will cry if she needs to go out and go potty. We have an older dog that she loves to play with. She is currently in a home that is busy and loud with toddlers, small children, teens, and adults. We have been working on having her sit to get pets and she will come up and sit waiting for her pets about 50% of the time. She really loves being around the family and our dog. She wants to learn and is picking up desired behaviors quickly.

What Their Rescue Rep Says: A puppy is a delight, but requires a lot of time and attention. Not only does a puppy need to potty every few hours, but also needs frequent feedings and socialization training so she associates well with people and other pets. While puppies are hard to resist, take time to think through what life with a puppy in your home would be like before making a commitment-- housetraining, crate training, patience with puppy antics (chewing), basic obedience training (positive reinforcement)..We'd like a home where she won't be left alone for extended periods of time and one with a large secure yard. A pool would be a bonus as her foster discovered Kona likes to swim. Kona's father was a chocolate Lab and her mom a Shepherd so Kona will likely be an active girl, rather than a couch potato. The day she arrived at her foster home, her foster described Kona as "feisty."

Medical: Kona has received her first set of shots and will be receiving her next round in May. Lab Rescue will coordinate her future spay and will require an additional spay deposit from her adopter.

Located in: Walnut Creek

Please note our service area:GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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