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Video: Hanging With Maizey

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Video: Walking With Kona

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Kona (6-year-old black female) and Maizey (3-year-old yellow female) ~75-lbs each Both spayed

Background: Downsizing, moving, and long work hours require the owner of Kona and Maizey to find them a new home – together. These dogs are bonded and best pals.

What Their Owner Says: Very sweet and loving, friendly. House-trained and crate-trained. They both think that the city park across the street from our house is their backyard – hah! Very good with group play with other dogs. Both dogs allow my four-year-old daughter to pet and hug and kiss them. They are very curious with cats when in the same room; want to chase the cat but stop when I say “no”.

What Our Evaluator Says: Maizey is very friendly. Lots of tail wagging and very happy to meet strangers. Pulls on leash quite a bit but could be lack of exercise as owner reports both dogs are kept inside in crates for much of the day. She is a bit overweight. Maizey was curious when she saw another dog; only a very slight reaction but nothing concerning. She seemed more curious than anything. She appears to be more of an English lab -- shorter to the ground, bigger head. Maizey is super friendly and affectionate. She is super bonded to Kona. Kona is also super friendly. Seems more calm than Maizey. Better on the leash, not nearly as much pulling, but does need some leash work. Seems like a real people dog… Kona just wants to be near people. Not reactive at all with other dogs, wants to play. Kona was much calmer after a walk.

What Their Rescue Rep Says: What a delightful pair. Two is so much better than one. We want Kona and Maizey to be adopted together. Each dog weighs around 80 pounds. They are out of practice walking on leash, so they pull quite a bit – wonderful opportunity for some training. Will thrive with daily exercise and walks. Would rather they not be left alone at home for extended periods of time. Would be fine in a family with children and/or cats.

Medical: Spayed. Current on rabies and distemper vax. Heartworm tests pend. Not yet microchipped

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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