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Lacey 6 Month Old Black Lab Mix 40 Pounds, Not-Spayed (Lacey will be getting spayed this week.)

Background: Lacey set off the ring camera one night and the owner of the home came out and brought Lacey into his home. He contacted the shelter, went up and down the street and hung posters everywhere and no owner came forward to claim her. He was off to go camping so they loaded up Lacey in the car and took her camping with them. Lacey has been with him for the last 8 weeks when he is not being pulled away from his home for long periods of time and he feels it is best to find Lacey a home that has more time for her. It is a hard decision to make but he knows it is best. (There is a homeless encampment close to his home and the owner thinks maybe Lacey came from this area.)

What Lacey's Current Owner Says: What a sweet girl! Lacey just loves everyone and anything! She gets out for regular walks and play dates with other dogs. She meets many people when she is out as she is just SOOO cute! I have only had Lacey for 8 weeks and she already knows: Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Off and fetch! I get her out on walks, hikes and to the beach a few times a week. We play with toys, balls and play fetch each day! She loves to go for car rides, will come when called and loves to play fetch. She walks well on a harness and does not pull. Lacey sleeps on her dog bed in my room with no accidents and when I have to leave her I can crate her or leave her in the backyard. (She may did a little in the yard and may bark some when excited.) I have dogs on both sides of me and she does not bark at them but is excited when they run around. She has met a cat in my yard and did not chase the cat; I feel she would do well in a home with a cat and another dog. Lacey is very friendly and playful with other dogs, and is the more gentle submissive one and loves being chased and loves chasing other dogs.

What Lacey's Rescue Rep Says: We want an adopter that has time for a young dog. Lacey is a wonderful well behaved dog but she is still a puppy. She will not be a large dog; we would say maybe 55 pounds. What we love about Lacey is she has an off button for still being a puppy. When she gets the exercise she will just chill out on her dog bed and watch tv with the owner. The owner has left Lacey up to 6 hours with no issues; not destructive or no accidents. Lacey is one smart girl and wants to work with an owner to make sure she is a good canine citizen.

Medical: Lacey is up to date on her shots, has had a full physical and is a very healthy girl. Lacey will be spayed soon and started on flea and tick and heartworm preventatives.

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