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Video: Lemon playing with her foster's dog.

Video: Lemon happily playing with her chew toy.

Lemon 10-week-old female yellow Lab mix 15-lbs Not yet spayed

Background: Responding to a report of a dog left alone in a backyard, Turlock Animal Services found this 10-week-old puppy. Allegedly she was the last puppy in a recent litter of a male silver Lab and a female yellow Lab. The homeowners were contacted and they surrendered the puppy to the animal control officer on June 10th. We just pulled her on Friday June 21st and got her into a Lab Rescue foster home.

What Lemon's Current Foster Says: Cute as can be. We are just getting to know her. She travelled very well in the crate from the shelter. We don't think she is a purebred due to the white tips on her tail, toes, and nose. Lemon is doing great with our own dog Luna- following her around and interacting with her; she takes correction cues from Luna and responds as a smart puppy should. We have had her just a day or so - she slept well in her crate, woke up twice to be let out and went right back in to sleep, eats well, super social with people, knows “sit”, and so far has scratched at the door to go out to pee/poop. She is learning to use a pet door. She is adorable, sweet, social, and active.

What Lemon's Rescue Rep Says: Only time will tell what Lemon will look like or how big she will be when fully grown. Adopting a young puppy is much like having a newborn baby in the home: very demanding for care and attention, can't be left alone much, cries a lot -- especially at night when you want to sleep. Eat, poop/pee, play, sleep... repeat, repeat, repeat. Puppy-raising is also filled with joy and fun. A young puppy has sharp teeth and tend to go for human toes when available -- this can be scary and intimidating to young children. We envision that Lemon's adopters will need to be home most (if not all the time), have a home with a backyard, and be fully aware of what puppy care is all about. Not for those who are not ready to full commit to puppy care. Need to have a plan for puppy training and socialization with other puppies. Prior young (and big) dog experience is not required but preferable. No other dogs in the home under two years old, please. Cats okay.

The following three puppy handouts from Marin Humane are fabulous reads:

  • Puppy World
  • Puppy Health
  • Puppy Socialization
  • Medical: Appears to be in good health. Will be headed to our vet in near future for a full check-up. Still needs the remainder of puppy vaccines before she can go out in public. To keep her safe from parvo and other terrible ailments, her adopters will have to employ appropriate anti-virus/anti-bacterial protocols until Lemon is cleared by her vet to venture out into the big world.

    Located In: Santa Rosa.

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