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Leo: 7 month old male black Lab 68 lbs neutered

Background:Due to a family situation Leo and his sister Roxy were surrendered to Lab Rescue to find their forever home.

What Leo's Foster Says:Leo is a fabulous dog. He is playful, loving, smart, attentive and pretty gentle for a 68 lb puppy! Loves to snuggle, play with his toys and balls, excited to go for walks, just so much fun. Leo loves people and is very eager to please and willing to engage. He knows sit and is working on down. He can jump when excited but is learning to sit in front of us instead of jumping. He can be mouthy sometimes, especially if you are sitting on the ground with him. He likes to lick faces and might also nibble on your face if given the opportunity.

He’s working on leash skills. Don’t think he had much in the way of leashed walks before now. He pulls when overexcited, but when we stop and call his name he’ll quickly turn and trot back to us. He’s easy to refocus and lure and super food motivated so we think he’d be quick to learn obedience and improve his leash skills with a dedicated handler. This will be important, as he’s likely to be a very big dog (our vet estimated around 90 lbs)!

He’s nice with other dogs out in the world but can be a bit overzealous about meeting and greeting at first. Not bad at all though given his young age. He’s not super playful with our 2 year-old dog as he’s so focused on the people in the house, but they coexist peacefully. He is very interested in, but sweet and gentle with our cat. He is interested in kids but likes to sit down and watch them run around at the playground near our house.

Leo is still very much a dog in process, learning about the world and what’s expected of him. Because he grew up in a very different setting than Berkeley, the sights and sounds of a semi-urban neighborhood are sometimes overwhelming to him. He can get overstimulated pretty easy in certain situations and has exhibited some fears around new things like walking past a shop with automatic doors or sports courts with lots going on. He was scared by gentle lapping waves at the marina. He did recover and become more comfortable at a distance with lots of positive reinforcement with treats and praise. He will need someone who can really work on slowly exposing him to new things.

We have been giving Leo walks throughout the day as well as lots of play sessions. He loves his toys and will play fetch for a long time. With this much exercise/activity he can settle nicely in the home. Until he’s gotten his biggest walk of the day he’s pretty full of energy and quite the busy body.

We have walked him all over our central Berkeley neighborhood, down at the Berkeley marina, and on hiking trails at Tilden. He does best in quieter/less crowded places at this point, though he did pretty well walking by some stores on a busier street. Overall Leo is an incredible puppy with so much potential. With a dedicated owner he will make a fantastic family dog.

What Leo's Rescue Rep Says:Thinking how much fun it would be to own a puppy? That’s true but a lot of work comes along with raising a puppy to be a good canine citizen.

Leo has not been exposed to a lot of things so he will need an adopter that has Lab experience raising Lab puppies, active and energetic ones, and has the time and patience it will take to get him to understand that life isn’t that scary. He is not a dog that should live in a busy active city. He needs an active social family to continue with his training and give him the consistency he needs. Leo is a smart boy who wants to please and is treat motivated. He will make a wonderful dog for the right family. Leo is a big boy at 7 months and has a lot of growing to do (~90 lbs) and is jumpy and mouthy. He needs to learn not to jump on people with his front paws. Still training him to have a soft mouth and getting better but still something to work on. He’s pretty mouthy when playing, will grab your hand in his mouth instead of a toy but he’s quick to redirect. Any kids in the home need to be 10 and up.

Medical: Leo is healthy and has seen the vet, is updated on vaccs, Heartworm negative and chipped

Located in: Berkeley

If you are interested in adopting Leo, please email Sandy at 2crazy4dogs@gmail.com and tell me why Leo would be a good fit for your home. Please leave your callback number.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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