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Video: Leo going in his crate.

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7-month-old male black Lab “Leo” approx. 60lbs, neutered

Background: Leo has had a VERY rough start to life. Found as a stray in Antioch, this puppy has been on the move since the shelter and has not spent more than 3 weeks in any home, no fault of his own. He is now decompressing and learning how to be dog at his new foster home.

What Leo's Foster Says: Leo is a beautiful, sweet, social and extremely smart 7-month-old black lab with long legs and big, soft ears. He responds well to sit, down, stay, wait, spin, shake, crate, let’s walk, heel down, and go potty. We are still working on drop it, leave it and his recall. These commands will need some work as he is inconsistent. When he does respond, we mark it with a “good boy” and a treat. He loves saying hi to other dogs and playing with them. Sometimes he gets a little excited and jumps up but responds well to down or heel. We use a gentle leader for our walks and a harness in the house, but I take the harness off when he is in his crate because he likes to chew it.

Leo has become very affectionate and playful and loves getting head scratches and pets. He is very gentle taking treats but still a little mouthy when he has found a food wrapper on our walks. He doesn’t love getting in or out of the car but once in the car he is totally fine.

He is still a puppy and can get very excited sometimes, so we usually find a snack for him to chill out in his crate with. On walks he can also be a bit stubborn, usually right at the beginning or on longer hikes or walks when he is tired. He loves to chase our cats and that could use some work.

He does really well when we meet little kids and people of all ages on our walks. He just loves to say hi to everyone and go up and get pets and scratches.

He sleeps all night from about 9pm to 7am and goes out potty a every 3-4 hours. Leo is an amazing dog, very well behaved and ready for more training. He is very sweet and just wants someone to love.

What Leo's Rescue Rep Says: Leo is still very much a puppy, but a very smart and eager to learn, puppy. GGLRR is looking for an active home with people who have experience raising young, smart labs. This adopter needs to have time to dedicate to Leo’s training in addition to plenty of exercise and socialization. We also feel that Leo would do best in a home where he is the only dog so he can be the center of attention. Leo does like to chase cats, so a home with no cats would also be best.

Leo has exhibited some resource guarding with random items in the past, however this behavior hasn’t been seen in the last four weeks. GGLRR feels that Leo exhibited this behavior due to his frequent changes in leadership and his rough start to life (being found as a stray in Antioch and then moving to 5 homes in the next 9 weeks, no fault of his own.)

His adopters must know how to establish leadership so Leo can establish his place in your pack quickly and be well versed at training a young rescue lab.

We are so pleased to see Leo coming out of his shell in his new foster home. He is doing great on his gentle leader and with all his training. The adopters’ home and yard must be puppy-proofed

Leo will make a great family dog, perhaps with older kids 8 years and up that he can run around and play with him.

Medical: Leo is fully vaccinated and has also received Leptospirosis vaccines on March 5th and March 19th. Leo was also neutered on May 11th.

Located In: Fairfax.

If you interested in adopting Leo, please contact Rescue Rep Marie at mariedross@att.net letting her know your experience with rescue dogs and how you plan on meeting Leo’s needs.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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