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Video: Loki and Saint fetching the frisbee

Video: Loki and Saint chasing the frisbee

Video: More fun with a frisbee

Video: Kids hanging out with Loki and Saint

Loki and Saint – Male purebred Lab brothers, 10-years-old 75 lbs Not Yet Neutered

Background: A true band of brothers. The owner of these dogs recently passed away, and the family reached out to us to find a new home for Saint (formerly named “Satan”) and Loki together. Saint and Loki are BFFs. Their departed owner allegedly had quite an odd sense of humor (ergo their names) cause these dogs do not have an ounce of devilish nature or troublesome behavior in them. Their given names bely their true fabulous personalities and outlooks on life. Their adopter is required to have a frisbee.

What Loki and Saint's Foster Says: What gorgeous, delightful boys. All of us are big fans of these beautiful boys. They're not leash trained, but we put training collars and short leashes on both of them, and they're learning to heel with us pretty easily, as long as we let Loki go slightly in front of Saint (Loki is clearly the dominant). Loki seems to be having a little tummy trouble (small amounts of pretty mushy poop, and straining to produce more), which we'll keep an eye on but we'll guess for now is stress related. They're super cute--they love to play fetch. Loki has more energy to chase, but Saint (who is taller and a little more heavy) is often the one who hands it back to us. It's cute to watch the hand off, and sometimes they run a little bit with both holding the same frisbee. Sunday, when they first arrived to our home and were a bit stressed, Saint was licking Loki's face. Even on walks, they both pee on the same places. They are beautifully house trained. No accidents at our house and according to the previous owner’s friend, they were ok up to 18 hours (!) left in the home with no accidents. They are big and vigorous and sometimes excitable dogs who could potentially knock over small children inadvertently. Sometimes when they are happy, they wiggle so hard they could definitely bump into a little kid . They were darling and so patient and sweet when our one year old neighbor (in his mother’s arms) would pat them or squeal in delight. The deceased owner’s friend said they were great with his granddaughter as well (I don’t know how old). So I think in temperament they’d likely be great, but in size they’d need kids who wouldn’t be knocked over by a big sturdy happy boy.

What Loki and Saint's Rescue Rep Says: Loki and Saint are happy and playful dogs. They used to sleep on their owner’s bed. Their owner trained them on “sit”, “fetch”, “drop” and “leave it”. They love to fetch the frisbee and enjoy swimming. Neither dog has been around cats -- no idea how they might behave. Did I mention you better have a frisbee? Hah!

Medical: Both dogs are current on vaccinations, microchipped, and taking heartworm preventive meds, but not yet neutered.

Located in: Menlo Park.

If you are interested in adopting both Loki and Saint (and have a frisbee), please contact Rescue Rep Dave at david.c.ely@sbcglobal.net.

Please note our service area:GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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