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Mac – 6-8 Years Old Chocolate Male Lab Mix Neutered, 60 Pounds

Background: Originally rescued from the Stockton Animal Shelter in 2020, Mac was a member of a family for the past four years. He was not a fan of the year-old toddler who often liked to climb on him at which point he would always walk away. Recently, while Mac was laying down, the family said the toddler may have gotten into Mac's face when he was asleep; he ended up biting her on the palm of her hand, a superficial bite. The family said Mac is afraid of children and will walk away from them. He's good with other dogs and likes cuddles. In any event, the family was going to have Mac euthanized. His story spread across social media and fellow rescuers reached out to Golden Gate Lab Rescue to see if we could save him.

What Mac's evaluator and temp Foster Say: One of our evaluators went out and met Mac and while the evaluation went well, she ended up bringing him back home with her where he stayed for two nights before he headed to his foster home.

Mac is a sweet Lab mix. He appears very well cared for and his teeth and ears are great. I took him for a short walk in the morning, and he did fine. He looked around, but didn't pull or go for anything except a bush to pee on. I walked him on a Cesar leash, so no choke or prong collar needed. He loves playing with my dogs. He did try to hump my male Malinois, and vice versa, but are broken up with a stern voice.

He takes treats gently and waits for his food patiently. I fed all three next to each other, and there was no problem. He did snap a bite of pancake I was feeding to all three. I scolded him, and it didn't happen again. Yesterday he had one of the many marrow bones we have around the yard, which he absolutely loved. I tried to take it away from him to see how he would react. He didn't give it up easily, so I didn't push it. He slept through the night.

What Mac's current Foster Says: Mac is such a sweet dog - every minute of every day, we can't believe that his last family abandoned him. He is handsome, well-mannered, and loving. He sleeps on his bed in our young adult daughter's bedroom, he eats two meals a day without gobbling, and lets us know when he needs to go out. He loves riding in the car, on walks, and on hikes. He and our adult dog basically ignore each other, as long as we give love (and treats and food) to both of them evenly. Mac loves a good belly rub, and enjoys carrying his toys around (and once my sneaker!). He doesn't chew on them though, he just likes to carry them around. Mac knows all the basic commands and doesn't pull on the leash on walks. We heard that there were some issues with small children so we haven't tried introducing him to any. Mac is really an outstanding companion, a model of a (mostly) Lab good boy.

What Mac's Rescue Rep Says: Mac would thrive in a calm and adult-only household where he can feel safe and secure. An experienced owner who can provide consistency, positive reinforcement training, and plenty of exercise would be ideal for Mac.

Due to his history, Mac is not suitable for a home with small children. He needs a family who will be diligent about managing his interactions and ensuring that he feels comfortable and confident in his environment. With the right approach and understanding, Mac has the potential to be a wonderful companion and a loyal friend.

Medical: Mac will be neutered and microchipped.

Located In: Oakland

If you are interested in adopting Mac, please contact Rescue Rep Kris @

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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