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Video: Mariah and her toy.

Video: Mariah collecting toys.

Mariah -- 6-year-old yellow female Lab 60-lb Spayed

Background: Mariah was brought from the Philippines when she was 6 months old. Her original owner then moved back to the Philippines two years ago, leaving Mariah behind… with the couple who owned the home in which the guy was renting a room. This couple finally figured out they were not the best home for Mariah.

What Maria's Evaluator Says: Regrettably, Mariah’s life has been in an x-pen in the garage. She is allowed outside of the x-pen 1-3 times a week to spend time in the backyard. I was able to touch her all over. She gets excited to see people and will jump on you but not overwhelming. She is a small lab, she use to be overweight but the Vet told them to get weight off. She has papers in the x-pen – she will use these if needed. Mariah has not been allowed in the home. I walked her on a harness, but she pulled a bit on leash. She is fine with other dogs, but I do feel off leash she will want to play with other dogs and may not get social cues due to not being exposed to other dogs. Her current caretakers said when they walk by small dogs on leash she ignores them but with larger dogs she will bark at them as she wants to play. Mariah did fine with another Lab that we brought over to meet her -- we walked around with both dogs, they sniffed each other and all was fine – just tail wags. No hackles – no inappropriate behavior. Mariah has been in the car – to go to the vet and was fine. She drinks from the hose and seemed to love water. Mariah takes treats easy. She is one happy girl! Still has silly puppy antics for being six years old.

What Maria's Rescue Rep Says: She will need a home that will help her getting used to living inside the home but this should happen quickly. Likely needs some guidance to become housebroken. Due to her past isolation, she is learning how to interact with people and other dogs. She will need some slow and steady exercise and walks to build up her endurance and stamina. Could be a great dog for a family with kids. She can be with other dogs and she will want to play with them, but doesn’t know how yet. We are not sure about cats but they do not seem she has a prey drive. Mariah deserves an awesome home as she is a great dog!

Medical: Mariah is in fine health and spayed. Current on vaccinations, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

Located In: Petaluma. Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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