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Video: Maverick showing his post shelter energy.

Video: Maverick at the Albany bulb.

Video: Lacey and Maverick at Solano shelter.

Video: Hanging out with Maverick at the Shelter.

Maverick ~2-year-old black male Lab 52-lbs Neutered

Background: Found as a stray in Solano County, this guy spent a few weeks at the local shelter before we sprung him and got him into a foster home.

What Maverick's Evaluator Says: Maverick is pretty typical -- not trained, but good-natured and trainable. He's young, strong & healthy & needs guidance, but he has plenty of potential. He is a puller on leash but that tail never stopped wagging. Sat nicely for treats. Maverick really like being touched, petted, and scratched. No food-guarding. I tossed the toy several times for him and he retrieved it; we were indoors due to the rain so we did not have a place to romp or run. Did a dog-on-dog with older Lab Lacey, Mav was obstreperous, but not at all aggressive. According to the shelter, he is mostly potty-trained.

What Maverick's Foster Says: Maverick is a good looking and really nice young lab. Very friendly and enthusiastic about life, he is happy to be out of the shelter and back in a home with a family. House trained and crate trained, he sleeps well through the night and is delighted to follow you around the house and take part in all the happenings. He is not a jumper, or a counter surfer, but he is very excited about playing with squeak toys, balls, or any authorized dog toy. He has a great deal of energy and enjoys running and retrieving in the yard and long walks, runs at the park. Once he gets some of that excess energy out, he is very responsive to training and knows sit, stay, wait, and leave it (but these need lots of reinforcement). He could use more leash training, but he does not pull with an Easy Walk front-clip harness. Some basic obedience training and consistency in his life will bring him around quickly to be a great Labrador who will be a hiker, retriever, and companion. He rides well in the car and would love to go on trips with his pack. He is getting along with our 7-yr-old Lab and has done very well in meeting people and dogs alike, a happy wagging tail, but is a little overly exuberant for young children, smaller dogs, and cats. Had a long romp at the park in the mud, rain, sand. He is a retriever. Didn’t know about water so he is suspicious but interested. He ran for a ball and when he encountered the water he leapt straight up in the air and his butt flew up -- Wish I had video. A bit overzealous with small dogs -- this should improve with exposure and socialization. He has a pretty high prey drive when it comes to cats. Took Maverick to a fenced off-leash dog run near our house this evening. He did well with about 7 dogs his size or larger, husky/shepherd/boxer types. He was at times intimidated and unsure or a little overly nosey, but no squabbles and he got to run around and be a dog with other dogs for a bit. Trying to get him to retrieve to develop recall.

What Maverick's Rescue Rep Says: What you see is what you get! A fabulous young Lab that is ready to find a forever home where he can be provided structure, guidance and lots of exercise. No cats! Would be great with another dog. Okay with older kids. The shelter listed him as 4-years-old; but our vet thought he was between 1 and 3

Medical: Maverick is in fine health. Current on vaccinations, neutered, and microchipped.

Located in: El Cerrito.

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