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Max 11-month-old male yellow Lab 70lbs. Neutered

Background:Max was an owner-surrender from Antioch. His family just did not have the time for him. Due to their work schedule, Max ended up being crated in the home for nine hours each work day -- Yikes!

What Max's Owner Says:We received Max from a family friend and have had him since he was 10-weeks-old. Max has a bunch of energy and needs space to run jump and play regularly. Unfortunately our home does not accommodate his needs as a growing and active dog. Due to our schedule, he is crated for most of the day. He has lived with our two kids (ages 8 and 13). Energetic, loving, and very playful. Max is house-broken and crate-trained (that’s where he sleeps at night), but we want him to go to a home where he won’t need to be crated during the day. We’ve taken him to basic training at PetSmart. He loves to run around and fetch in our backyard. Max is good with other dogs, but just inexperienced. He likes chasing other dogs and being chased by other dogs. He tends to bark at people when excited and may jump up on you. When the kids are laughing and get loud, Max will bark in excitement. Max can be a bit mouthy at times. He does tend to pull at other dogs in excitement when on leash. No experience with cats. Great to cuddle with and loves to be petted.

What Max's Evaluator Says: At initial contact Max approached my son and I tentatively with his ears back. He sniffed our hands and then let us pet him carefully and with a watchful eye under his chin. Once Max knew we were safe he wagged his tail and let us pet him more, even rolling on his back for a belly rub. Max definitely needs leash training. Though he pulled on the leash it wasn’t hard enough for him to get away, but he did pull in all directions. When he didn’t want to walk with us, he would lay down and roll over and look at us. With some coaxing and “good boy”, he would start to walk again. When I shortened the leash and had him walk next to me and gave him lots of “good boys” he would stay next to me; he started to figure it out in just a few minutes. When I offered him three different kinds of treats, he smelled them and licked them but was too nervous to eat them. When we stood and ignored Max, he came over calmly and put his head near our hands for some love. He seems to be more motivated by affection than by treats. Max let us pet him all over back, belly, paws, hips and ears. Other than needing a good bath (and a flea bath) he is a very healthy-looking lab puppy who is just looking for someone to show him how to be a good boy. We took Max into the dog park, and he was completely fine with other dogs. He was not interested in the ball. He was more interested in smelling all the smells at the dog park than the other dogs. He liked my 11-year-old son and was happy to follow him around, but he seemed more nervous than excited to play with him. He isn’t a jumper so little kids that are gentle would be fine. He has zero recall when his name is called. I tried to give Max some food, but again he was too nervous to eat. With a consistent routine and training Max will be a fantastic dog. You can tell he is looking for leadership and wants to please an owner who is in command.

What Max's Temp Foster Says: A delightful pup, but Max sure can be jumpy and mouthy at times. He is strong and will scare you at times with his exuberance. 95% of the time, Max is a very pleasant enjoyable house-mate – but that 5% is pretty wild and crazy.

What Max's Rescue Rep Says: Max is very human-oriented, eager to please and sweet natured .It takes little to make Max happy.

What a wonderful dog, but lacking in impulse control and understanding boundaries. This guy deserves a family where he can be the center of attention and receive lots of time with his people. With daily leash walks and positive reinforcement with treats, he will quickly learn how to properly walk on leash. Max needs the opportunity to experience the world and will blossom. We think he would do great in a family with older kids. Would do fine in a home with an existing dog who can show him the ropes. Would love to find a forever home where Max won’t be left alone for long periods of time. Great candidate for work with a trainer.

Medical: In fine health. Current on vaccinations and taking heartworm preventive. Neutered. Not yet microchipped.

Located in: Dixon

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