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Maxx – Male black Labb, 5-month-old 40 lbs Not yet neutered

Background:Maxx’s owner has made the difficult choice to find a new home for him. Human work schedule has become too demanding, and his former owner just felt she felt she could not provide the ideal home for Maxx to thrive. After being purchased from a breeder, Maxx was provided spectacular care for the last few months by his former owner.

What Their Former Owner Says:Maxx is smart, outgoing, energetic -- on every happy dog. Learning to walk well on leash. Maxx will jump on people when first meeting them. I have been taking Maxx with me to work, but he is stuck in a kennel for much of my work day. I have not left him home as he will get into things that he should not and chew on things. Friendly and playful with other dogs. Maxx is a puppy. Not for first dog adopters. Best with older children. Will dig in yard if left to his own devises. Can be a bit mouthy, but working on it. He's a great work in progress. Very smart and needs to channel his energy.

What Their Foster Says:Maxx is a darling, active puppy. Emphasis on puppy. He is full of energy, full of curiosity, and looking for some guidance in life. Everything is a toy; everyone is a playmate, and he’s never bored. He loves to run around, to burn off that puppy energy. And needs attention and exercise every day multiple times a day. Maxx especially does well in a safe off-leash area, where he can run for long stretches, which he does with our older dog Boone. He has a tiny bit of training, he sits and he comes, which is wonderful… and he is quite responsive. He does seem to understand the direction at the time, but retention is harder. For example, Maxx loves to chew paper. When he grabs paper we correct him and replace the paper with a dog toy, which he easily exchanges; but he is still an avid chewer of inappropriate things. It’s only been 3 days though so I think another couple weeks we will be good. (We did get him off of chewing shoes, mostly.) He’s also been mostly fixed of his jumping up on people problem, again just after three days, a simple raised knee reminds him that jumping up is not the best idea, and now he sits and wiggles furiously to get attention. Of course Maxx does need the occasional reminder. He walks OK, not strong enough to be a hard puller yet so we will continue to work on leash walking. We have used a halter and flat collar, halter is better. Gentle leader probably best. He is mostly housebroken, but to avoid pee in the house requires vigilant monitoring. And frequent outside time, as he tends to prefer the hard courtyard vs when we are on walks. He’s been very good about number 2. A little more correction and I think number 1 will be resolved too. It’s already getting better. He does sleep quietly in his crate all night so he can do it. Personality wise he is a confident little guy, joyful and not fearful. And has a good head on him! Loving and affectionate. Maxx has the makings to be someone’s forever soul-dog.

What Their Rescue Rep Says: One very fine young dogg. Lots of funn… but will require lots of workk. Nott for families with young kids. Another dog or catt would be fine. Obedience lessons should be part of an adopter’s game plann.

Medical: Healthy, fully vaccinated. Needs to be neutered and microchipped.

Located in: Novato.

Please note our service area:GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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