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MEEKO 1-Year-Old Black Lab Mix 55 Pounds, Neutered

Background: Meeko's owner recently lost her job and financially, is no longer able to care for Meeko. In addition, she will be moving in with a relative who is allergic to dogs.

What Meeko's Owner Says: I adopted Meeko in October, 2022 when he was 6 months old. At that point, he had only lived on a little farm in Napa. Since then, he has traveled all over California and has discovered that he loves road trips and the ocean.

Meeko, named after Pocahontas’ pet raccoon, was born in Napa, California on March 23, 2022.

Meeko is flat coat F1 labradoodle but his Embark DNA results indicate that he is also 25% Border Collie. He was born into a litter of Labradoodles and was the only pup that came out with straight hair. His dad is a standard black poodle and his mom is a yellow lab. I'm not sure how the border collie DNA snuck in there, but that’s the fascinating mystery of genetics!

Meeko was neutered when he turned 1. He takes Simparica Trio 1x per month to prevent flea and tick bites and currently eats 3 cups of Hill's Large Breed dog food. Like many Labradors, Meeko is prone to ear infections and itchy skin, especially during shedding season.

He is potty-trained and crate-trained. Our usual M-F routine is: 6:30AM-long walk, 8AM-breakfast, 1PM-potty break, 6PM-short walk, 7PM-Dinner. He goes to doggy daycare 1x per week.

I lost my job and need to move in with a family member who is allergic to dogs.

I think Meeko would do best with a person who likes to be active with their dog and also plans to engage Meeko in obedience training.

He has a great foundation. He is great and gentle with people. He can sit, stay, and lie down. He knows his name and also answers to Amigo. He is treat and toy motivated. He is very trainable. He is a confident, friendly dog.

He does pull on the leash but this can easily be corrected as he has no leash aggression and no food or toy aggression with people.

He does, however, jump on people to greet them, counter surfs, and chews on shoelaces and wood.

He was the leader of his pack (alpha male) and tends to dominate other dogs by pinning them to the ground, jumping on their shoulders, and necking them. He will do best alone or with another dog who gets along with alpha males.

What Meeko's Evaluator Says: Very handsome sweet dog. Jumped up only once. Took treats nicely. Took him on a long walk. He does pull, but was easy to train by calling his name and marking that head snap behavior followed by giving a treat. Also taught him “touch.” He was fine with me handling him, his paws, tail, etc. Owner said he has allergies but he didn’t scratch or tilt his head. I also gave him food and took it away. Gave him a bully stick and took it away. No problem.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see many dogs. When we saw a little dog he was mildly interested, and I was also able to redirect him to focus on me. He saw a dog off-leash in the park. He was interested but I didn’t feel comfortable having them meet off-leash. Meeko seemed curious and interested in the other dog but didn’t bark or lunge.

He probably would do best in a home with someone committed to basic training. Meeko is young and quite biddable.

What Meeko's Rescue Rep Says:We'd like to see Meeko with an active family who has the time and dedication to provide him with regular exercise and is willing to invest time in basic obedience training. Daily walks, play sessions, and interactive toys can help keep him physically and mentally stimulated. His owner reports that he can often play rough with some dogs so an owner would need to responsibly supervise playdates. It's crucial to ensure that the play is safe and appropriate for all dogs involved. He has shown curiosity towards cats and the owner reports that he would probably chase them if allowed. He'd probably do fine with grown children, and not little ones, only because he tends to jump on people and could unintentionally knock a little person over.

Medical:Meeko was recently neutered, is microchipped, is up to date on core vaccines, and has been heartworm tested. His owner has him on Simparica Trio, a monthly flea/tick/heartworm preventative. I am awaiting a copy of his records.

Located In: Santa Rosa.

If you are interested in adopting Meeko please contact Rescue Rep Kris @

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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